Do you love the Little Creatures in the Sea? You’ll find them in Amazing Cozumel!

Do you love the little creatures in the sea? You can find them in amazing Cozumel! Most divers who have traveled to several oceans are familiar with the term, “muck diving”. Muck diving is exactly what it sounds like, diving in muddy, silty substrate which can include coral skeletons and garbage. In such an environment, divers and particularly photographers, can find amazing little creatures and unusual fish. I am not saying that Cozumel has “muck”, but it certainly has shallow dive sites off the shore filled with amazing little critters!

And the rest of these photographs were taken on amazing Cozumel shore dives!

This is a Tobacco Fish, if you have any idea how small the bristle star is, you’ll know how tiny this little guy is, and it was on a critter dive in amazing Cozumel.

I have done a few shore dives with Mario, of Scuba with Mario. He has incredible eyes, and can find amazingly small critters! Truthfully, my eyes are so bad I can’t find the tiny, tiny stuff even though I wear a prescription mask. I’ve worn glasses since 3rd grade, but in the last couple of years my sight has really declined. I’m grateful when I dive with people who have great sight! I cannot believe some of the animals I saw with Mario…many for the first time!

Pygmy or Slender Filefish….perhaps half the size of your pinkie!
A Sponge Crab uses a piece of sponge for camouflage! Look carefully and you can see the eye stalks and the claws! So tiny!
You can clearly see the crab legs and stalks in this photo!
The most exciting find of all! I’ve seen ONE Frogfish in all my years of diving Cozumel, and in the last few months Mario has shown me quite a few! These are so so so tiny, they look like a tiny piece of sponge, but you can see the starred eye and frowning mouth!
A beautiful, clear view of this little Frogfish!
Here is a shot that includes his “legs”!
Another glorious find in the critter dive, an orange ball coralmorph! It looks like a beautiful flower, but this is an animal.
A very beautiful Sharp Nosed Pufferfish, they are an inch or so.
I LOVE Starry Eyed Hermit Crabs. Look at those eyes!
A beautiful Brittle Star. They come out at night.
Brown Zoanthid open and eating!
A zoanthid looking like a sponge or coral.
Another pair of gorgeous eye stalks, this time on a Giant Hermit Crab.
A tiny baby Scorpionfish!
A small yellow ray’s eye and spiracle.
Can you see the eyes of the flounder (hint: they are the green things). Just to the right of the top eye is its mouth!
Close up of an Arrow Crab! Check out those eyeballs!
Small Red Band Parrot fish
Granted, a lousy photo, sorry about that. But this little guy lives out in front of my house! He has been there since summer, and I have looked and looked for his girlfriend, but so far, no luck!

The moral of the story is: don’t let anyone tell you you cannot find the little critters in Cozumel! As you can see, they are definitely there.

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