Here we are, #4TravelChicas. We met online, and then at different travel conferences, and we have formed a “consortium”: 4 Times the Fun and 4 Times the Audience!
A fun photo snapped of us at an event! Melody far left, Suzanne, Tam and Sara.

My life is a series of unexpected misadventures. I tell my friends they have to be prepared for the unexpected when they travel with me! I recently invited 3 of my closest blogger friends to my home in Cozumel, Villa Coronado. I was excited that they accepted my invitation, and I wanted everything to be perfect! We love our home on Cozumel, and we are also in love with our island, and our island restaurants. I made reservations, arranged for a tasting (#4ChicasinCozumel had an Amazing Tasting at Buccano’s at Night), and looked forward to showing Suzanne (Adventures of Empty Nesters), Sara (Travel with Sara), and Melody (Wherever I May Roam Blog) a wonderful time. However, no matter how hard I try, misadventure is always in my periphery, so it is a good thing my friends are adventurous women!

Suzanne and I at a conference 2 years ago in Irvine, CA. Our first meeting IRL, ie In Real Life.

So, the first mishap was my 20 year old car (hey, it’s an island car, and awesome!). As we returned from our first evening’s dinner at Pepe’s, the car began to smoke. Melody in the back seat asked if we could smell smoke, and I said no. By the time we arrived at my house the car was smoking and hissing like crazy. We all jumped out and ran inside, I mean, what if the car was on fire? It cooled down quickly, but I called our house manager and arranged for him to come out early (people on the island get up at ungodly hours, like 430a or 5a, but not me!) to check the car. Now, this is really awful, especially for me because I am such an animal lover, but Jimmy told me he found a nest in the engine. There was a lot of laughter about it, but I did feel a twinge of guilt and texted my husband about it. He, of course, informed everyone we know, and I began to receive messages like, “I hear you are a bird murderer.”

Well, it wasn’t just a nest!

Of course, the weather did not want to cooperate, and it was overcast. We jumped in the car so I could take them on a tour of the island, and I particularly wanted to take them to the east side (the wild side) of the island which is almost completely uninhabited and wild. Turtles nest on the beaches, there are cool blowholes throwing up geisers, and long stretches of sand to walk on. I knew they would love it! We never got there.

I never even did this as a kid!

Halfway to the southern tip of island, Punta Sur, the car began to smoke. I knew birds could not have built a nest again so quickly, so we got out of the car. Again, it hissed and steamed, but cooled down. At this point, the sun came out, beating down on us on a black asphalt road in the middle of the jungle. It’s October, so there aren’t a lot of people on the road. For me, the unexpected is the norm, so I can’t say I was surprised at my run of bad luck, and thankfully the gals thought it was hilarious. Cars went by without stopping, though we received a few waves. Finally, a couple slowed down and came back asking if we needed help. Thank you Pete and Becky, we all piled into their tiny dune buggy-ish car and they took us to the Rasta Bar at the end of the island. As we arrived…it started to pour rain. Mucho uvioso!

I love Sara! She is so fun!

We had a seat in the open bar area with the wind whipping and the rain coming in sideways. Again, the girls found it funny. Like me, they have a fun loving streak, so they laughed and took photos…for a few minutes. It is true that sometimes you have a really fun adventure when things go off the rails, and fortunately that was the case in this instance. We had to wait on a couple who were at the only dry table in the place. We ordered some goodies and drinks, and settled down to wait out the storm. The Rasta Bar is right on the beach and the waves were really pounding the shore. I’ve been to the bar a million times for a quick drink and a swing in the hammocks, but on this day it was packed! After an hour or so it started to lighten up, and we grabbed a cab to get back to the house. I’d left my keys in my car so was worried that I didn’t have a key to my house, but hey, there my baby was, on the side of the road, all windows open, the interior soaking wet, with my keys in it. Long story short, we went back to the house.

Villa Coronado
It’s not all bad!

So the manager got it to a shop, and I rented a car. We went out and had a lovely dinner, which will be another blog because the food, as always, was amazing and deserves its own post. We had a lovely meal and a much calmer evening. We had so much fun together, it is always fun to be with people who “get” you, and bloggers and writers have their own set of idiosyncrasies. The next morning we were able to get out and go to the other side of the island, and it was fabulous. We stopped for a drink at Coconuts, a well known crazy bar on a cliff with a view. After exploring, we headed to the grocery and Melody, who is quite the cook, wanted to whip something up for us. She asked me, do you know how to turn on the oven? Of course, I mean it is my house, right? As if I really know how to turn on the oven. I fiddled with it, but it wasn’t heating, so I finally figured out that you have to hit the pilot light, or the starter, or whatever you call it. By the time I did that the oven was full of gas, and you guessed it, it went BOOM and I flew back several feet, landing on my back. At that point I remembered that I had done it previously. Oops. Suzanne came running, and couldn’t believe I was lying on my back in the kitchen after being blown back five or six feet. She heard the boom, and the other gals came running, so we told them what happened. Fortunately I wasn’t on fire, so no major damage, just a lot of laughter.

The view from Coconuts on a somewhat stormy day
The beach near Coconuts
Coconuts always has interesting animals around.
Chicken Love!
Another Coconuts birdie. You know, I’ve had a bird almost all of my life. I have an affinity for them.

We got the car back, returned the rental, and continued to have a wonderful time. You know, there was something else that happened, but I can’t remember what it was. Hm. Truthfully, so many bizarre and weird things happen to me, basically due to my own unique ADHD craziness, I don’t always remember everything that goes wrong. I know I’m forgetting something, maybe the girls will remember. I’m sure it is something ridiculous, as usual. It is my theory that I was jinxed at birth with peculiarities unknown to normal people. I am a magnet for unexpected weird occurrences. One thing is undeniable, being around me is rarely dull!

PS; Oh. I went into the grocery today, lost my keys, searched the store, then went out to look in the parking lot….I had left my keys in the car, with the car running. Sigh. Sometimes it ain’t easy being me.

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