Flashback Friday: Remembering the Wonders of Chobe National Park

Randy and Wes watching elephants in Chobe Botswana, 2009.

On this Flashback Friday I’m looking back at Chobe National Park. I have extraordinary memories of our safari in Chobe, Botswana. Chobe National Park is the most diverse park in Botswana, and is bordered by the Chobe River (water = crocs and hippos!). On the far shore is Namibia. We saw so many different kinds of animals, but everyone goes to Chobe for the Elephants. On a continent where they are so ruthlessly hunted, Chobe National Park has been a haven for them.

Young male elephant who was a little displeased at our proximity.
Adorable baby.
These teenage males were practicing their fighting skills.
Nice, cool drink
Hippos are huge, fearsome creatures.
“Pigs in mud”, hippos, really.
Tam and Wes
I love giraffes.
Alexandra and Randy
The birds in Africa are incredibly colorful. This is a Lilac Breasted Roller.
We saw some huge crocs!
A rare, beautiful male Sable Antelope.
This Red Lechwe has to be one of the cutest antelopes on the planet.
Velvet Monkeys are always up to something!
I loved how birds just hung out on the animals.
Yellow Billed Stork
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