Why You Need To Think About Internet Security When Traveling

Why You Need To Think About Internet Security When Traveling. And we will travel again! Whether you are running a popular travel blog, detailing your adventures through Australia, the Caribbean Sea, and beyond, or need to bring your laptop around to keep on top of life admin during a trip (unfortunately, you can’t avoid work emails forever)- you must protect yourself and your data by paying proper attention to your internet security.

Although this may seem a hassle – and there are more exciting things to be doing on your trip, you don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to hackers, who can gain access to your private information with just a few clicks of a button. This could include:

  • Banking details
  • Insurance details
  • Account login details (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Social security number
  • Employment details
  • Email access (Personal/Professional)
  • Home address

Thankfully, ensuring that you use the internet safely during your travels is not difficult. Internet security can be achieved in a few simple steps!

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  1. Use strong, varied passwords.

The first defense against online hackers is always ensuring that your accounts are tightly protected by strong passwords. This includes your online bank login alongside any social media accounts you run. Remember, your passwords should not be easily identifiable or traced back to you – as in, they shouldn’t include your birthday or the name of your beloved pet. Though it makes it easier to remember, you should also not use the same password more than once – as if someone guesses your password, they now have access to ALL of your accounts as opposed to just one.

You should also set up a two-step verification process for your important accounts. Usually, this means that in addition to logging in using your password, you are asked to verify your identity via email, text, or phone call – adding an extra layer of protection to your accounts. 

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  1. Download a VPN

A VPN creates a Virtual Private Network for you to use, this means that service providers, hackers, and developers can’t monitor your online activity, streams, or downloads. This means you have heightened anonymity when browsing online and is particularly useful when you are traveling. Following the guide provided by TroyPoint, you can download a VPN on a variety of devices, including your Amazon FireStick. 

VPN’s also allow you to gain access to materials that may be location-specific from anywhere in the world. 

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  1. Use password-protected Wi-Fi

Whenever you are connecting to a WI-FI network, ensure it is from a source you can trust. Untrustworthy WI-FI networks are vulnerable to hackers who may attempt to steal your personal information, as mentioned previously, especially if you are connecting to the network in a public place such as a coffee shop. Usually, password protected WI-FI networks offer the most security, and are better to use than those without password protection. If you need to connect your laptop to the internet, but can’t find a suitable network, it may be safer to turn on your mobile data hotspot. However, you should ensure that the hotspot itself is password protected so that others cannot connect to it during this time. 

Always think about your security when traveling, and consider these extra precautions!

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