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The five most luxurious chalets in the world are gorgeous! When we hear the word chalet we imagine a wooden house immersed in the deep white snow of a mountain peak in the Alps. At least that is what I imagine! A lovely chalet, offering the feeling of warmth and coziness to its guests. Since the creation of the first chalets in the Swiss Alps, on the border of France and Switzerland, things have changed a lot. These wooden houses, which initially served the needs of shepherds as a summer residence, have now become perhaps the most luxurious type of accommodation in a winter resort area. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to go…I’m happy to visit all five most luxurious chalets!

Chalets with beautiful decorations, which combine luxury with hospitality, have been built to offer the most unique winter adventures to those who are lucky enough to experience them. So let’s discover some of the most impressive chalets in the world, which are the ideal base for those looking for the best winter activity.

Chalet Le Rocher, Val d’Isère, France

Located in the Val d’Isere region of France, close to the border with Italy, Chalet Le Rocher can accommodate up to 14 people in seven bedrooms and features an indoor pool, an outdoor hot tub, a fitness facility, and a steam room. One of its most distinctive features is its huge living room with the beautiful fireplace that heats the entire room. I’m ready to go!

Chalet One Oak, Combloux, France

The luxury Chalet One Oak was introduced to the market a few years ago and is located in the village of Combloux, near Megeve, France. The six-bedroom house can accommodate up to 12 people and provides luxurious services, such as providing its guests with a Harley Davidson (!) motorbike and special meals at the chalet include gourmet creations of traditional French Alpine cuisine that will delight your palate.

Chalet Ormello, Courchevel, French Alps

In the resort of Courchevel, one thousand square meters there is the chalet Ormello which has a swimming pool, massage rooms and a private cinema. The nine-bedroom Ormello can accommodate up to 15 guests, and staff include a private chef, a concierge and finally a private guide.

I love this photo, it reminds me of my grandmother’s music box!

Les Chalet des Fermes de Marie, Megève, France

In Megève, France, Les Chalet des Fermes de Marie is a five-bedroom, alpine chalet with its own private spa. The master bedroom occupies the entire ground floor and offers a magnificent view overlooking the snow-covered trees of the resort.

The Lodge, Verbier, Switzerland

In Verbier, Switzerland, The Lodge is one of Sir Richard Branson’s sanctuaries. Occupying five floors, the nine-bedroom chalet has 13 staff members, including a tuner, a spa therapist and chef, trained by renowned Raymond Blanc (the award-winning chef) and able to prepare dinner for up to 18 guests. That’s a lot of food!

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If on the other hand, you are one of those that all these luxurious chalets look like a distant dream, don’t worry. There are dozens of other options that certainly don’t reach the level of luxury of the above chalets but certainly offer a more than satisfactory and sometimes equally good experience in a winter resort. So staying in a winter resort is very important, but equally important is the use of additional services that that place has to offer.

A winter resort, in addition to your stay in a hotel room or a chalet, offers you the possibility of skiing or snowboarding, the use of other sports facilities and entertainment and leisure centres. In order not to lose this complete experience during your visit, the Erna Low company through its travel packages provides you with the opportunity to encounter the best possible experience at the lowest possible cost. So what do you say, are you ready for a winter getaway in the Alps?

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