Africa is the Trip of a Lifetime, so Fall in Love with Africa This Summer

Table Mountain is a stunning sight in Cape Town, South Africa!

You will Fall in Love with Africa! From internationally-recognized cuisine to breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, Africa is a continent that has something to offer every person that takes the opportunity to visit. It is a vast region, made up of a melting pot of cultures, language, history, traditions, and people, while it is full of fun activities and relaxing retreats which cater to every type of tourist. While it has not always been the top of most travelers’ lists, it is becoming increasingly acknowledged as a fantastic option for those longing for a renewed sense of adventure and a desire to gain experiences away from the ordinary. Make it your choice this summer and watch yourself quickly fall in love with Africa. 


You would be hard pushed to find anywhere else in the world that offers such a wide and diverse range of species as Africa. From apes to big cats and more than 1,000 species of bird, the continent is as much defined by its wildlife as it is by its people and events. For that reason, the large majority of visitors to the region opt for a wildlife safari, which is undoubtedly the perfect way to encounter some of Africa’s incredibly diverse selection of animals. Companies like Africa Odyssey provide local expert guides who take visitors out on meticulously planned trips, whether its a walking safari through the jungle or a ride across a national park in an open-top Jeep. Safaris are a great way to fall in love with Africa!

My babies in the bush!


While the more well-known African dishes, such as Piri Piri chicken and bunny chow, can be found across the globe, there are countless other delicious meals that can only be found by actually visiting the continent and discovering it yourself. Combining locally-grown food with unique seasoning and centuries of knowledge passed down through the generations, African cuisine is bursting with flavor, as well as being very healthy thanks to the use of natural ingredients. Beans, rice, vegetables, potatoes, and meat make up the bulk of the dishes, with each country possessing its own set of delicacies and traditional food, meaning you can come across new tastes wherever you go. 


Market day in Tanzania

Africa truly is a melting pot of different cultures, with many of the continent’s oldest tribes still in existence today. It is estimated that more than 1,500 languages are spoken in Africa, including Swahili, Amharic, Yoruba, Zulu and English, while each country boasts its own set of unique traditions and practices. Such is South Africa’s cultural diversity, it has earned the label of ‘Rainbow Nation’, a term that nicely encapsulates the unity of multiculturalism that can be seen in the country since the end of apartheid. 

Mozambique has an amazing coastline.


Southeast Asia and the Caribbean may be famous as hotspots for sun-seeking tourists. However Africa provides some of the most stunning and pristine areas of coastline in the world. The islands off the west coast of the continent, such as the Mauritius and the Seychelles, are made up of white sand beaches, towering palm trees, luscious, warm water and stunning accommodation with views of the ocean.

Fall in Love with Africa!

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