5 Adventures To Plan In South Africa

Beautiful Table Mountain, one of South Africa’s Adventures

5 Adventures To Plan In South Africa

Of course, there are more than five adventures to take in South Africa. South Africa adventures are everywhere! In fact, it is more like 1001. However, since five is as good a number as any, we might as well start with five. If you are planning to visit South Africa, you are in a lot of luck.

You can stay for months on end and you will never have a single boring day. From game drives, to sailing around the Cape of Good Hope, climbing the spectacular table mountains and just sampling the nightlife, there is really no end to the things that you can do in South Africa for fun.

Here, we will look at five of the best of them:

Kayaking in the rivers

Happy as a Hippo!

This is not the regular kind of kayaking that you would do back at home. It has an edge of danger to it, which is something that every adventurer loves. In South Africa, you will sit on your inflatable kayak and then you will ride it amidst large African crocodiles. Don’t worry; they may be big, but they are peaceful creatures, unless they are hungry.

You will also get an opportunity to see humongous hippos. These herbivores love to stay submerged with just their eyes, ears and nostrils exposed. Unless they are provoked, hippos are peaceful creatures. A national park guide will not be too far off though, to ensure your safety all the time. As a big contributor to the country’s GDP, they take tourism seriously here.

Go for scuba diving

Photo by Dalelan Anderson

There are so many wonderful, sunny beaches in South Africa. It has one of the longest coastlines in Africa and so it is only fair to expect a long stretch of both public and private beaches. If you time your visit well it may even coincide with the time that turtles hatch and you may just see the newbies coming into the world.

If you are a snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiast, you are in luck because South Africa has many wonderful spots. Among some of the places where you can go for diving include Groot Bank, Smitswinkel Bay, Cathedral and Sardine Run to name but just a few of them.

There is no need to carry your diving gear since there are many dive shops where you can buy or rent whatever you need. You may bring the lighter ones of course, such as your dive computer, GoPro or your dive watch to check time underwater.

Cage Diving with Great Whites off Seal Island!

Shark cage diving is very popular. You may want to try it. You get in a cage as a group and then it is lowered into shark-infested waters. That is as close as you may ever come to these dangerous carnivores of the deep, so take the opportunity.


Get on your windsurf board, and let the wind blow you away on the water at high speed. You will experience the most exhilarating feeling. The presence of the south-easter winds and the expanse of the sea are the only reasons that you need to hit the water. If you love water adventures, you will never have a boring moment in South Africa. There is always something to explore, something new to sample.

Photo by Ludomil.

Bungee jumping

Seriously, if you go to South Africa and leave without trying bungee jumping, you will have missed quite a lot. The place where you want to try this is the Bloukrans Bridge. It is where all the action happens and besides, it is beloved of many commercial bungee jumpers. It is above the River Storm, which is quite wide. At a height of 700 feet, well, nothing could pump the adrenaline more than this.

Go see Cango Caves

They are large and hospitable, but then they start getting narrow and challenging. Cango Caves has a wide collection of caves. However, with some of them having openings that are less than 30cm wide, well, you would have to be real thin to get through. Because of the sheer number of the caves, it is better to take a guided tour. Once you get inside the caves, you will see just why they attract so much attention. They have beautiful walls, with some looking as if they were deliberately carved by a craftsman. They are quite breathtaking.


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