Fab Photos Friday: Cozumel Above and Below

There is no doubt that Cozumel is a one-stop vacation destination! You can even pose with Bob Marley at the Rasta Bar on Punta Sur (the south point of the island)! Cozumel is always fun, and there are cool places on the west, east, north and south sides! I never go to the island without checking them all out! For Fab Photo Friday, here is a synopsis of my latest trip.

The Rasta Bar!
I can’t say I know who this is…but she seems to be popular at the Rasta Bar!
Chen Rio is a bar and restaurant on the east side of the island. One can swim there because of the break in the current caused by the rocky coral skeletons.

My cousin and I headed out to dive on the Yucab III, owned by We-b-divin’ Cozumel! They are fantastic! Great boat, breakfast and lunch, and the best dive master on the island, Yasser! If you are headed to Cozumel, dive, or learn to dive, with We-b-divin’!
Truth? These are the best fish tacos I have ever had. Buccanos at Night, on the north side. You can make a reservation on Open Table!
This is the C53 Felipe Xicotencatl in Cozumel, sunk around 2000 with the intention of it becoming a reef. It has!
My cousin and I below.
Dinner out! See our shoes? They are Onesoles! One sole, hundreds of tops! Check them out.
Cool shoes, girls!
Looking up at the sky from under the water…so beautiful.
Spotted Cleaner Shrimp…so tiny!
I am not sure what this is….a decorator crab? A shrimp? If you know, tell me!
Black Grouper…the groupers are finally getting big again. Stop eating them and let them replenish!
Hellllooooo, what big teeth you have!
Huge Bearded Bristleworm. This is the largest one I’ve ever seen in Cozumel.
Hmmm….he’s thinking about it.
I love this guy! Isn’t he awesome? Look at the inside of his mouth, it is so fascinating.
A strange fish, indeed! A member of my scuba tribe says I am the Dory of the group! In a nice way, of course.
Teeny tiny red crab! Just amazing.
Four eyed butterflyfish
This goldentail eel is reticulated, which means she is markings on bright gold instead of gold markings on dark green. She was hunting!

The Queen of the Angels. Not a great photo per se, but look at her markings!
Gorgeous Queen Angel popping my air bubbles!
A juvenile Whitespotted Filefish. Adorable!
Yellowhead Jawfish are very timid, I can’t believe I actually took this shot.
These 3 photos are pictures of a Pipehorse! Incredibly tiny, look how small it must be to be holding onto a little marine plant!

Haven’t been to Cozumel? You MUST go! Head to My Favorite Travel Sites and book it now!

**(The dolphins you see in the above video live about a mile down the road. They are penned, and I visit them when they are not “working”. They always seem happy to see someone new. I believe, however, that dolphins should never again be captured from the wild, and I am unsure about breeding in captivity. I mean, really, what is so great for these incredibly intelligent animals to spend their lives in a pen the size of a fish bowl? Yes, when the kids were young we swam with the dolphins, but I doubt very much if we would do it today.)

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