Fan Forest!

At last, a gorgeous dive site with somewhat decent visibility!  We are now headed south because our ultimate destination, a dive site called Black Rock, is reportedly low visibility and strong current.  So, heading south toward the Similan Islands and Thailand which means better visibility, which is fine by all of us!

Fan Forest!  On toward Thailand!

ff 14 anemone crab closeup excellent

Anemone Crab!
ff 14 bearded scorpionfish closeup

Gorgeous pink scorpionfish!

ff 14 cushion sea stqar of some kind

Cushion starfish!

ff 14 feather star body

Feather Star

ff 14 feather star feelers

Beautiful Feather star on fan!

ff 14 id this sea urchin with eye

Gorgeous sea urchin

ff 14 red feather star

A bright red feather star…

ff 14 serpent seastar

Serpent seastar!



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  1. Susie Krominga says:

    Tam, these photographs are amazing. Love the feather stars & pink scorpionfish. Nature never ceases to amaze. So glad you are sharing your experience with us. Hope you get more great diving in before you have to head home. Be safe.

  2. SUCH gorgeous photos Tam – what kind of camera set up are you using? I love the feather stars, you got the perfect angle on those!

  3. Barbara Free says:

    As I have always said, your photo’s are NAT GO worthy !! Thank you so much for sharing. Love seeing the photos…..almost like being there, but not. (darn) 🙂

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