Why You Should Experience a Weekend in Wonderful Whistler, Canada!

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Photo Credit R. Barlow, Creative Commons

Guest Post by Emma Grant

Whatever the time of year, there’s always something interesting to do in Wonderful Whistler. During the winter, Canadians head to the slopes for skiing and snowboarding. The same ones come back again later in the year when the weather picks up for hiking, mountain biking, and relaxing. If you like the outdoors and want to get some fresh air, search the best Whistler vacation rentals and start planning your dream trip to beautiful Whistler. Here are a few more reasons to visit for those who still aren’t convinced.

Whistler in One of the Best Ski Resorts in the World:

Expect various slopes to suit any level of skill or ability in the 8000-acre resort. Some hills are smaller for the beginners. Instructors can also give you skiing lessons before you hit the piste for the first time. Others, especially on Blackcomb, are for the more advanced on challenging terrain.

People from around the world come to use the slopes in Whistler, and you’ll meet everyone from family vacationers to the pros. Snow begins to fall from October and stays at a consistent level until the end of February. Because of this, Whistler’s snow is some of the best in all of North America.

Whistler Village:

Whistler Village is everything you would imagine an alpine wonderland to be like. Small cottages line the streets with the towering mountains in the background. When the snow starts to fall, this really becomes beautiful. White snow covers the picturesque village as tourists wrap in layers to keep warm. The cafes are bursting at their seams as people crowd around the cozy fire with a hot drink watching the snow dance down from the sky.

Even if you’re not into skiing, Whistler Village makes a perfect mountain retreat to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the picturesque surroundings. Families from around Canada bring their children here for a Christmas vacation.

Whistler is a Four Season Resort:

So, we all know that Whistler is the place to be for skiing or snowboarding. But, many tourists love the other seasons too. As the snow melts, buds flower on the trees giving the area a colorful and vibrant appearance. Walking through the forests at this time of the year allows you to view the rebirth of the trees and the wildlife starting to come out again. Likewise, as fall approaches, the leaves change from green to golden colors and slowly drop from the branches. Hiking gives a different experience depending on which season you visit Whistler.

And then there’s summer. During summer, everyone comes to this mild mountainous region to take part in their favorite outdoor activities. Some bring their dogs and hike for days on end around the trails. Others come and visit the lakes or try to climb the peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Other outdoor activities are available to keep everyone busy from kayaking to zip lining.

Regardless of when you’re in Canada, Whistler is sure to have something to cater for your needs and interests. Each season is different and gives tourists a different experience.

Go Zip-lining:

Zip-lining is growing in popularity for adrenaline junkies around the world. Mainly, the sport consists of a wire being attached between two points, with one being higher than the other. The Zip-liner stands at the top and straps themselves onto the small seat before plunging off the edge. As they race from the top to the bottom, they get their fix of adrenaline.

In recent years, Whistler is starting to take advantage of this mild version of an extreme sport. In some parts of the resort, you can take part on several lines, some are suitable for first-timers and others should only be attempted by the more adventurous. Spending an afternoon on the zip-lines is a great way to pass the time for the whole family.

Excellent Food and Places to Relax:

A mountain resort that caters for skiers and snowboarders from around the globe should have a decent selection of food and restaurants. And this is the case in Whistler Village. The culinary experience at some of the restaurants ranges simple budget food up to world-class cuisine. You can find meals from a hot dog or spaghetti to veal.

Some cozy bars and cafes are in the village, where the skiers tend to hang out after a day on the slopes. You can find a selection of drinks from hot chocolate and tea to fine wine and top shelf liquors. Families are welcome too. Some hold shows in the evening, such as the fire and ice show, to entertain the children.


One of the advantages of having such a versatile array of cafes and dining options is that you can hit the slopes for a few hours while the non-skiers enjoy the facilities in the village. This also applies for the summer months when parents bring their children for a relaxing vacation. Several parks and playgrounds will keep the little ones busy.

whistler, canada, skiing, nature is amazing, featured, scenic

Photo Credit R. Barlow, Creative Commons

Whistler is a Wonderland All Year Round:

Whether you want to come in the summer to hike to Whistler Mountain’s summit at 2182 meters or spend hours snowboarding down challenging slopes on Blackcomb, Whistler has something for you. Bring the family and enjoy the picturesque setting in the village before indulging in the wide variety of dining options later in the evening. Whistler makes the perfect retreat at any time of the year and visitors always want to return.





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  1. I have been to this area of Canada in the summer, but not in the winter. This looks beautiful.

  2. barbara free says:

    I’ve been there skiing in the winter, and it is a winter wonderland. I will go back sometime in the summer, which would be just as wonderful.

  3. I’ve wanted to go to Whistler for over 25 years now. Was hoping to hit it this summer for our 25th anniversary but then Eddie didn’t want to go. Beautiful place and I’ve learned much more from your post.

  4. I went to Whistle in the winter and although I don’t do snow sports I had a great time as I love snow! Would love to go back during the summer.

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