My Visit to Buenos Aires was Unexpected in Many Ways!

Annie and I visiting the Buenos Aires Tulip!

Why visit Buenos Aires? About a year ago I posted a question on Facebook: where should I go next? Annie, a woman I met on a Ray of Hope Citizen Science Expedition in the Yucatan, wrote back and said, how about Antarctica? And to get to Antarctica one has to go either through Buenos Aires or Santiago, Chile. We decided on the trip that left from Argentina!

Atlas, a Titan, was condemned to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. In Buenos Aires, Atlas, who is constructed 85% out of car parts, holds one of the branches of the oldest tree in the city, located in the Recoleta neighborhood.
I loved this statue…it was beautiful and so intricately made.
The oldest tree in Buenos Aires.
Presidential Palace where Eva Perron gave a very famous speech. (have you seen Evita!?)
The landmark statue of General Manuel Belgrano in Plaza de Mayo, location of the Presidential Palace.
Annie and Maria Corbalan at Palermo’s Rose Garden at the Tres de Febrero Park. It is a green lung in the midst of the great city.
At the Rose Garden
Beautiful roses.
Beautiful Annie among the beautiful roses!
Shopping on Florida St…but be careful! Practiced pickpockets are lurking!
The Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral is breathtakingly beautiful.
On 13 March 2013, Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected as Pope Francis.
Floor tiles depicting the 3 nails of the passion of Christ.
The Virgin of Lujan, Patroness of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.
Our Lady of the Rosary in the Metropolitan Cathedral.
The Vatican Embassy, the view from our room at the Palacio Duhau!
All over the city are workout courses!

Truthfully, I had never really considered going to Buenos Aires. It was not on my radar. Fate put me in the city, and I am so glad that it did. Buenos Aires was a lovely, unexpected surprise in so many ways! The first thing we did was schedule a private tour with Maria Corbalan Bespoke Tours and it was the perfect introduction to the city. We actually did two tours, one with Paula, and one with Maria herself. If you are headed to Buenos Aires and want a thorough introduction to the history and neighborhoods of the city, I cannot recommend Maria Corbalan highly enough!

The city is very cosmopolitan, and feels more European than South American. The buildings are gorgeous, many are built in the French neoclassical style. The different neighborhoods are so distinct from one another! Buenos Aires is a fascinating city, full of color, art and history.

Buenos Aires is very concerned about its citizen’s health. There are exercise courses and equipment all over the city! They know that it is cheaper to prevent illness than to treat it. I wish America acted that way!

It is also a city of practiced pickpockets. My iphone and money were stolen right out of my backpack and I didn’t feel a thing. Someone watched me use my phone inside of a store, followed me and robbed me without being detected. Well, no vacation is perfect, right? Come along on this photoblog of beautiful Buenos Aires! And stay tuned for more blogs about Buenos Aires!

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