Do you think there is ever an age when you’re too old to travel? I absolutely do not believe traveling has an age expiration limit!

Have you ever heard, “you’re too old to travel or do that”? As an empty nester, solo traveler I’ve heard variations of it. As a woman, I’ve heard the usual “it is not safe for women to travel alone.” As a person with some health issues, I’ve heard “what if you hurt yourself?” Isn’t life a series of “what ifs” for everyone? The answer to that is an unqualified yes.

You’re Not too Old to Travel

You are never too old to travel! Age is not a barrier to traveling. I have seen seniors in their eighties and nineties enjoying themselves while traveling. In Antarctica, I was totally inspired by the number of senior travelers. I hope when I am in my eighties I am well enough to travel! These passengers on Lindblad NatGeo’s Explorer went ashore, kayaked, hiked, and even did polar plunges (a jump into icy antarctic water!).

The Viking River Cruise, Elegant Elbe, was filled with senior citizens. Most of them took part in the tours and activities. My fellow travel blogger, Suzanne Stavert of Adventures of Empty Nesters, was on the cruise with me. We had a great time with others both older and younger than us.

Travel Advice for Mature Travelers

Here are some reminders of what an older traveler should keep in mind!

  • Make sure you have travel insurance! You may have travel insurance on your credit card, so check that out first. Many cards include travel benefits, including concierge and even booking services! Remember, you have to use that specific card to book your travel, or it won’t cover you. If you do not have travel insurance on a credit card, it is wise to purchase it.
  • If you travel more than 2 or 3 times a year it is better to purchase a yearly travel insurance policy than to purchase it for a trip only. There are several companies, Vayama is a great source for insurance abroad.
  • When you purchase travel insurance you will need to declare pre-existing conditions. If you don’t declare, the insurance won’t cover you if you get sick because of it.
  • If you have Medicare and are traveling within the United States, you don’t have to worry about health insurance, you are covered!
  • Do you take medications? Be sure you have a few days worth of extra medicine in case of delays, you don’t want to get caught somewhere for a couple of days without your medication.
  • Need assistance or want to be sure your airline or hotel have certain first aid features? Be sure and check before you book!
  • Booking a cruise of some sort? Make sure what health accommodations are on the ship and that you are satisfied with the options.
  • Be cautious and know where you are. It’s unwise to go into areas you don’t have information on. Make sure the area you are traveling in is safe. Do your research!

My travels include wildlife both on land and sea. I make sure I understand the risks involved. Accidents can always happen! I was on a cage diving trip and a shark accidentally came into the cage. Thankfully I didn’t receive serious injuries, only a bump on the head, but you should always consider the risks. It’s more likely to get hurt in a car accident at home than on a wildlife trip.


I think that most people make the right decisions about their own ability to travel or be active. If you aren’t very mobile, you might be happy to stay on the ship, or take the slower route. I sometimes wonder how much longer I will be able to dive the way I want to. I know several people over 70 who are still diving, so I have plenty of time to wonder. I hope I’ll be able to dive for many, many years to come. I usually have eclectic travels, mixing luxury with diving, with camping, with cruises.

I love trips that are “all ages welcome”

What kind of traveling do you love? Have you had any issues traveling because of your age?

I say, hell no!

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