I am so ready for post-covid!

5 Hotspots On My Post-Covid Travel Hitlist! Oh yes, I know – chances are that unless you’re an Instagrammer ‘inspiring’ your fans by traveling anywhere sunny where a travel corridor remains open, your travel adventures are on hold for the foreseeable future. That’s okay, the post-covid life is on the horizon.

I’m ready to swing back into travel!

But because you’re on this site and pinning your peepers to this article, chances are that your wanderlust is giving you seriously itchy feet and you can’t wait for restrictions to end so that you can take off for the blue horizon once again.

I’m collating a list of the places I’m dreaming of going when everything gets better – so I’m sharing it with you in case it provides you with some much-needed motivation too.

Photo by Kevin Sanon
  1. Jamaica

The ‘land of wood and water’ has sun, sea, sand, and everything in between. For instance, as well as beautiful beaches, the interior of Jamaica has verdant, vertiginous mountains which are ripe for exploration and if you’re a music fan, the capitol Kingston has lots of hotspots where, provided you plan ahead, you’re perfectly safe to visit. For more info on Jamdown, take a look at the Visit Jamaica website.

Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq
  • Iceland

Chilly lunar landscapes, bathing in thermal springs, enjoying ice-cold beers in good company, and partying in a place where the sun never goes down for huge swathes of the year. Ah, Iceland…I’ve waited too long to experience your wonders. From chic, cosmopolitan Reykjavik to the wild beauty of Thingvellir National Park, this amazing island nation looks like the ideal place to chill out. It’s on my list!

Photo by Nick Karvounis
  • Portugal

An inspirational Iberian nation that has been coveted and conquered over the generations by everyone from Celts and Romans to Moors and Christians, Portugal is peppered with majestic castles, charming, cobbled villages, sublime sandy beaches, and sophisticated multicultural cities abuzz with culture and welcoming locals. I would love to go there. Expats love it so much that many move there – perhaps it’s time to contact Portugal realty gurus Property Lisbon!

Photo by Mohammed Alhinai
  • Scotland

Frequently voted the world’s most beautiful country by well-known travel publications, bonnie Scotland is stunning at any time of year. For starters, capital Edinburgh boasts a New Town that oozes Neoclassical elegance, balance and symmetry and its main thoroughfare Princes Street is framed by a Medieval castle perched on a volcanic plug. But take the high road to the Scottish Highlands and Islands to really experience Caledonia’s charms writ large in dramatic mountains, legendary lochs, and gargantuan glens.

My family LOVED South Africa!
  • South Africa

Another global hotspot to visit, Rainbow Nation South Africa really has something for everyone. At Cape Town (known as ‘The Mother City’) you can enjoy a laid-back vibe in a magical metropolis that has Table Mountain and the 12 Apostles peaks to complement its sprawl of modern and classic buildings in residential, business, and entertainment areas, while Johannesburg has a different vibe entirely but a buzzing cultural scene that’s interesting to dip into. However, for my family, the highlight was definitely the wonderful wild animals, which is why we’re definitely heading for a walk on the wild side at Kruger National Park.

Have I missed your favorite location? Let me know in the comments section!

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