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3 Ways to Prep your Dream Post-lockdown Travel Adventure

3 Ways to Prep your Dream Post-lockdown Travel Adventure!!! As a result of the havoc we’ve experienced over the past year, many travelers have found themselves trapped at home with little to do but climb the walls. The vaccine means there is hope on the horizon, and while we wouldn’t advise packing your bags just yet, there are things you can do to start planning the post-lockdown journey of your dreams –whether that’s a two-week break in the sun or a round-the-world sightseeing adventure.

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Wherever (and whenever) your dream travel aspirations take you, these are just 3 ways to start prepping right now.

1. Create a bucket list
Whether you’re an experienced traveler or nomadic novice, chances are you have a list of must-see locations you’re determined to visit at least once.
And while you’re stuck at home unable to cross any of these off, it’s time to formalize this list. You could even invest in a travel journal to record your far-off fantasies! Once you have your list, if any of your dream travel landmarks are within driving distance of each other, you could even plan a road trip to get several of them crossed off in one fell swoop.

2. Pick up new skills

It’s always good to have a steady supply of useful skills under your belt, and you’d be surprised by which prove valuable on the road. An additional language can help you find your way around and get to know the locals, whilst formal qualifications are extremely useful if you’re hoping to work whilst traveling. With flexible remote courses like those provided by ARU Distance Learning, you could even take your studies anywhere there’s reliable broadband– ideal if you’re planning a long-term adventure.
New skills can enrich every aspect of your life, at home and around the world, and flexible learning opportunities allow you to pursue your globetrotting dreams without putting the rest of your ambitions on hold. Perhaps scuba diving?

3. Seek inspiration

Seeking safe ways to satisfy your wanderlust? Soak up the travel mindset and enjoy the escapades of the world’s most renowned, respected, and intrepid explorers with a Netflix travel series – from food fanatics pursuing the perfect recipe from unknown lands to adrenaline-inducing adventures and heart-warming holiday experiences, these shows can inspire your own future dream travel and allow you to live vicariously through others’ in the meantime. And for a taste of the world delivered to your doorstep, why not sample a new cuisine from home? We may not be able to go out for dinner, but thanks to online ordering services, there are plenty of diverse and delicious restaurants available via the likes of Deliveroo. Not only is this an opportunity to try a new dish, challenge your tastebuds, and broaden your horizons, but it also enables you to support a local business.
We hope these three tips satisfy you for the short-term while you’re stuck at home and inspire your adventures for years to come!

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