Pasadena’s Art Scene Is Worth A Trip Of Discovery

Pasadena’s Art Scene Is Worth A Trip Of Discovery

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About 11 miles from Downtown Los Angeles, there’s a city that has one of the most overlooked yet vibrant art scenes on the West Coast. In a city with a population of just 137,000, Pasadena has one of the most periodic and modern art scenes in the state of California. If you know a thing or two about Cali, you’ll agree that the art scene is probably the best in the country. So when you have a city like Los Angeles so close to your city, the creativity, and talented artists will eventually rub off on you. That’s why Pasadena is worthy of a long trip to artistic discovery. It has incredible historical buildings, with rare Victorian Era architecture. One of the first places in the US to become enthralled with the art-deco scene, the city has amazing geometric buildings and interior decorating experience. Call it a pilgrimage and head down for weeks or even months of exploration.

View from the hill

Photo by Visit Pasadena

When you arrive in the city, make sure you find a place to stay in Raymond Hill. Here there are plenty of homes and or apartments you can rent as well as buy. Raymond Hill is the best neighborhood to move into because the largest concentration of art galleries, museums, exhibitions, and performances is located here. By Hiring Pasadena Movers, you can have all your things carefully wrapped, packed, loaded and delivered to your new living space. They even create custom crates for any kind of artwork you might want to take with you. Take the West Historic Route 66 northward, and you will be surrounded by no less than 10 different art institutions, 4 in north Raymond Hill and 6 in Old Pasadena.

Start exploring

Pasadena’s art scene includes Norton Simon Museum, it has some of the best European and Asian art in the city. With almost 2,000 Google reviews, it has a 4.8-star rating. Inside, you’ll find French sculptures of ballet women, plenty of bare naked brass angels and different mythological South Asian gods. Carefully detailed and carved with precision, the statues you see were all handmade by local and foreign artists. The botanical garden outside is open to guests. There are several metal sculptures that stand as water features in the pond. The average price of admission is just $15, and yet you get to tour two different cultures from two different continents.

A complex of galleries

If you want an expansive look at different kinds of art forms, head over to the Huntington Library which also has a botanical garden. Inside, some of the most expensive art in the city is on a show for all guests. The neoclassical fair maiden and baby angel sculpture is a fantastic centerpiece of the garden. There are also many Catholic stained glass windows inside, depicting the passage of royalty and saints alike. A historical timeline piece, the art in the main hall shows the evolution of American society, including the women’s vote and the literature that followed.

Photo by Visit Pasadena

If you want to go on an adventure in Pasadena’s art scene, you must put in the time and effort. Just 1 or 2 weeks won’t be enough, why not move to the city of Pasadena and find your inspiration!?

Photo by Visit Pasadena

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