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4 Tips to Make a New City Feel Like Home

4 Tips to Make a New City Feel Like Home! Be at home wherever you are, that is my motto.

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Travelling can feel like a whirlwind that never stops. As soon as you feel comfortable in one place, it’s time to catch the next flight out, leaving hostel friends behind, maybe forever. However, if you’re planning on spending some time in a new and exciting city, you should try to make it feel like home. This isn’t something that many travelers feel they have time for, but it can vastly improve your experience, take it from me! You really can make a new city feel like home. Or at least make it homey!

My Moose Blankie always keeps me warm!

Bring Something That Reminds You Of Home

From photographs to your favorite blanket, bringing something that reminds you of home, and gives you something to look at or hold when you start feeling homesick (because that will happen), is a simple way to feel cozier in your hotel or hostel. While you can still chat with friends and family over social media, it isn’t always the same, but by bringing a physical link to your usual home and life, you can adapt to the changes you’ll face much more comfortably.

Try Out the Hot Spots

You never really feel you’re home in many places until you have tried out all the hot spots. This can include cute little cafes, fun bars, and the best restaurants in town. If you’re not sure how to spend an evening, make an effort to go and check these out. You can do this by yourself, or you can invite other guests with you. Not only will this make you feel safer, but it can also be the start of budding relationships that will also make everything feel more like home.

Learn Where The Essential Services Are

If you’re planning on staying somewhere for a while, you want to know where all the essential services are for when you need them. The one you’ll need most often is the supermarket, especially if you have a kitchen to use. Besides this, you can look for the doctor’s office (especially if they have English-speaking staff), and even opticians if you want to find the popular choice of glasses if you lose or break the ones you brought with you. Knowing where everything is will make you feel more connected to the city, and it will make you more confident exploring, as you’ll be able to recognize different places easily.

Unpack Your Suitcase

Living out of a suitcase or backpack is something that is expected when it comes to traveling. Still, rifling through your bag each morning can become tiresome, and it means all your clothes will become creased. As it’s unlikely that you’ll have access to an iron, you’re better off unpacking your clothes to make you feel a little closer to home. This is a simple thing, but it’s also one that helps you think you’re there to stay, at least for now, and this can help bring the cozy atmosphere you’ve been looking for. I always unpack if I’m spending more than 2 nights somewhere.

Home For Now

If you’re someone who never really feels they are home, these tips can help you bed into a brand new environment and ensure you feel more comfortable. Whether staying at an Airbnb, hostel, or hotel, there are ways for you to make temporary accommodation feel much more like home!

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