5 New Things to Try on Your Travels

5 New Things to Try on Your Travels! With everyone itching to go traveling, or at least plan a decent trip for 2021, it’s a great time to consider something new. Whether you’re looking to try a new sport on holiday or embark on an adventure to a new destination, there are endless opportunities to do something different for your next trip. From fishing to flying solo, here are five things you can try to make your next trip memorable.

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Travel Solo

Have you found that you enjoyed your own company during the recent lockdown or quarantine? It might be time to consider solo travel. Whether you spend a long weekend in your favorite local city or a couple of weeks somewhere completely new, it’s good to spend some time with yourself. You don’t have to compromise with others on your travel plans, you can do what you want, and above all, relax and unwind without having to answer or listen to anyone else. I love to travel solo, for these very reasons.

Go On A Fishing Trip

Fishing is the perfect skill to learn on a trip with friends. Book a trip to a tranquil lake, buy some lures to catch Walleye, and unwind with friends and family. Fishing is a great way to keep fit, reduce stress, and have a bit of friendly competition with your nearest and dearest. There are hundreds of fishing spots that offer fantastic accommodation, fine dining, and even water sports if you’re looking for something longer than a weekend. From Cairns, Australia to the Orkney Islands of Scotland, there are hundreds of getaways where you can enjoy fishing.


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Try Luxury Backpacking

Backpacking doesn’t have to mean sleeping in a hostel (unless you want it to). Luxury backpacking allows you to travel light, but in the lap of luxury while visiting different locations. Book into luxurious or boutique hotels for a few nights before moving on to a new destination. Luxury can also be in what you bring with you as well. If you are sleeping in hostels or lower budget hotels, bring an eye mask, an inflatable travel pillow, and a decent lightweight camp chair so you’re not roughing it as much as you usually would.

Learn To Ski

Skiing holidays are the perfect blend of speed, adventure, and luxury dining. If you’ve never learned to ski, make sure you book lessons when trying your first holiday in the snow. Many places have a mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced slopes to choose from. Browse the menu of the on-site restaurants in advance, as many sites are renowned for having five-star cuisine and snowboarding or skiing lessons.

Travel Like A Local

Do you feel you’re not sampling the real local flavor on holiday? Many tour operators now angle their packages towards the local experience through local tourist agencies. From using local tour guides and supporting small businesses to trying local transport, there are many ways to get involved in the area you’re visiting.

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Try these new things to make your next adventure something different. We’ll appreciate them more after all this time indoors. Wishing everyone fun and safe travels for your upcoming trips!

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