If You Love Nature, get out and March for the Environment April 29th!

Nature. I am a nature girl. It doesn’t matter where…oceans, mountains, forests, parks, I love it. And our planet needs our help if we want our children and grandchildren to see the places we love in the future.

The view was spectacular in Komodo National Park.
Yosemite National Park, a view of Half Dome and Bridal Veil Falls.
The sun begins to sink in Yosemite.
Redwoods are huge                                                           I am so fortunate to have visited all seven continents. I’ve snorkeled and scuba’d many reefs, climbed mountains, and trekked with penguins. My experiences and eyes tell me what we don’t need a scientist to tell us: our waters are rising, our coral is bleaching, our animals are being poached.
James Bond Island, Phang-Nga, Thailand
In 2009 when we were in Chobe Botswana, there were too many elephants. Now, they have been poached to endangered status.
Lions are disappearing at an alarming rate.

It doesn’t matter if you are conservative or liberal or in between, preserving our wild places and wildlife is a moral issue. Can you imagine drilling for oil in Yosemite? In Antarctica? In the Smoky Mountains? No, no, and no. Millions of people die each year from air and water pollution, and we need regulations and our Environmental Protection Agency (founded by Republican Richard Nixon!). My own husband had a double lung transplant, and part of that came from pollution in our world. There isn’t an alternate world, there are no alternative facts (those are lies), there is not a Planet B, there is only our planet, our lives, our earth. The United States should be the leader of green energies, clean air and water instead of going backward.

So find a march near you! Peoples Climate Movement has a great list! I will see you there!

The vast wilderness of Antarctica is melting.
We must preserve our wild places and animals for the sake of our survival.

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