The Great Adventure that is Muck Diving!

A beautiful False Clownfish in anemone.
We spent most of our time in the shallows and we did four dives on the site.

So, you ask, what is muck diving? Well, it is diving in muck. Muck is defined as rubbish or garbage. In diving, it means diving in a place that is dirty, and sometimes polluted with plastic and bottles. On the sixth day in Raja Ampat we headed to Batanta, an island which is one of the “4 Kings” (Raja Ampat means 4 Kings), and explored a muck dive site called Black Beauty. It had dirty old sand, trash, and it was silty. Gross, right? No! On a muck dive you find amazing wildlife! So we spent all of day 6 muck diving, and seeing animals that are normally rare to see, but on a muck dive they were plentiful. I think this photo essay will prove it was well worth it, and I hope you enjoy these animals as much as I did!

A big, awesome Frogfish!!!!
See it’s legs? These are the weirdest fish!
Awesome tube dwelling worm!
A Hermit crab.
Oops…didn’t mean to interrupt your sex session!
x rated nudibranchs
The Mantis Shrimp has claws like fists that can break the glass of an aquarium, and they spear, stun and attack their prey with them.
A Mantis Shrimp hunting…see the tiny shrimps around the Mantis?
A Papua Scorpionfish.
This is an egg case!
A Dwarf Lionfish with gorgeous green eyes.
A hefty nudibranch, an inch and a half, maybe 2 inches.
Nudibranchs are so incredible! So tiny!
A beautiful golden Rhinopia, a species of scorpionfish.
The rare Rhinopia, also known as the Paddle Flapper
I really love this photo of a Peacock Mantis Shrimp.
A decorator crab! Can you see it??
Squat anemone shrimps, about the size of a pinkie nail!
A pregnant seahorse!

Sea horses wrap around things so they don’t float away.
It was soooo exciting to see sea horses!
Gorgeous Red Seahorse.
Helllloooo there!
The end of another perfect day in Raja Ampat.
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