Get Into The Sea! Here are a Few of the Best Places In The World To Experience Sea Life

Get into the sea! Everyone knows how I love to get in the Sea! As an avid diver, ocean conservationist, and animal lover, I can recommend some pretty amazing places! Life is always good when you are surrounded by water. If you are heading out on an adventure, picking the best destinations for your vacation needs to cater to both the inexperienced and experienced travelers in the group. When you think of the word adventure, do you consider it scaling up mountains, looking at new cultures, or heading into the sea? While we all have our own perception of what constitutes an “adventure”, heading into the sea to see animals always counts!

The Florida Keys

With the Florida Keys, and specifically, Key Largo, you’ve got some of the best places in the world within 120 miles. Key Largo is known as one of the best dive spots in the world. Whether a novice, or a seasoned veteran, there are plenty of new things to discover in the clear blue waters. If you are looking for an entry point to get under the water, websites like will teach you the basics when it comes to scuba diving. Around Florida, you’ve got so many wonderful sights, not just Key Largo, but Islamorada, Key West, and the Lower Keys. It has been a while since I’ve been diving in Key Largo, but I am ready and always looking for an opportunity to go back any time! It was amazing. 

If in any case you get to visit the Key West, make sure to check out some Key West boat rentals to help you on your marine experience.


If you’re looking to interact with whales, Manitoba gives you the opportunity to interact with beluga whales in their natural habitat. Head to Churchill, and not only have you got the perfect chance to view these magnificent mammals up close and personal, you can get in the water, either by diving or snorkeling, and view them at your convenience. The best time to go would be in the middle of the summer, when the belugas return to the area.

South Africa

South Africa has many amazing diving spots, but Shark Alley, located 8 km away from the coast is where you can see great white sharks gathering to hunt. If this sounds a little bit too much to view up close, you can take advantage of the various options available, including boat trips, but for those who are keen on getting their heart racing, a cage diving expedition is truly the ultimate test of bravery. I tried to do some cage diving off of Seal Island, but the visibility was pretty bad at the time, so we only saw the sharks from the surface. I can tell you it is absolutely worth the trip to see these animals in their environment.

Cage Diving with Great Whites off Seal Island!


In the Dutch Caribbean islands, Bonaire’s 86 dive sites gives you an abundance of options to see many forms of sea life. Bonaire boasts a beautiful sea creatures congregation, from seahorses to triggerfish, peacock flounders, as well as various species of coral. The best place to get a view of sea life in Bonaire is Salt Pier, but if you are new to diving, any one of the various dive sites will capture your imagination. You can get more information on to give you a proper sneak preview of what you can do there. Bonaire is a destination I would love to check out myself. I have a diver friend there now!

Adventure, in all of its forms, isn’t always about getting the heart racing; it’s about experiencing something new. If you have never ventured into the ocean, going diving, or even viewing the wonder of sea life through a pair of binoculars is still more than what most of us would dare to do. Diving and being on or in the ocean is always an awe-inspiring experience.

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