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  1. So loved this fabulous romp. Great photos!! But the elephants were the best part. I do love these highly intelligent and gentle creatures.

    • Thanks, Tammy. The elephants were incredible, and more so because they were in a sanctuary being cared for instead of being tortured by those baskets! Thanks for following along!

  2. What a fun tour, that cave looks huge with the size of that buddha – the water ride with elephant is pretty cool to!

    • The trip was amazing. My daughter is a professional photographer and has much better photos than I do, but I enjoy taking them anyway! I’m more of an underwater photographer, amateur. Nothing like your photos! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Amazing photos! I too am scuba certified, just got certified actually with my 10yo son. I would love to travel to Thailand, but these pictures will have to hold for the near future.

    • Thailand is a little advanced….I’d start with the Caribbean. Congrats on your cert, and that of your son! Our family has enjoyed diving together since our kids were about that age. Check out my dive photos from Cozumel!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Thailand is such a cool place to be. I lived there for a year or so and just completely fell in love with the place. Diving is not to shabby either!!

    happy travels

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