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Cozumel Critter Diving was Fantastic in September 2018!

Antilles Sponge Crab! See the eye stalks?

Cozumel critter diving was fantastic last month! I have always loved the diving in Cozumel, but never more than now! Shore diving has become my favorite diving, but I still love the boat and drift dives, too. It has been so much fun to dive the shallow shore line and discover the little critters who live there, and that no one ever sees! Check out these fabulous finds! Diving with Mario Ceh of Scuba with Mario is always an adventure. He has sharp eyes and sees what others miss…lucky for me!

In this King Helmet shell I discovered this White Speckled Hermit Crab! Look at those eyes!
I always love Spiny Lobster close ups! They look like grinning aliens!
Gorgeous Sharpnose Pufferfish
Social Feather dusters
This is a Beaugregory Damselfish, such pretty spots!
A Web Burrfish, unusual in Cozumel! So gorgeous!
Longsnout Seahorse!
This Red Reef Hermit is about a quarter of an inch in size!
More social feather duster worms
A tiny baby lobster closeup! LOVE the eyes!
A very small baby Spotted Moray Eel!
A tiny Stareye baby Hermit Crab
A miniscule White Spot Marginella, a tiny slug.
Christmas Tree Worms are always fun to look at.
Nature’s art. Brown Zoanthid at night.
Tube Dwelling Anemones are so beautiful!
An Urchin, with a small Tobaccofish at bottom center.
Scorpionfish are everywhere…but very well camouflaged!
Small Jawfish are very shy!
A tiny Jackknife fish
A Scrawled Cowfish is getting cleaned by a baby French Angel!
Teen Gray Angel face
A gorgeous teenage Gray Angel.
A Conch eye stalk!
Coral Banded Shrimp
So tiny!
I love Coral Banded Shrimps…they are so small and hard to find!
Another baby Spotted Moray eel peeking out!
A baby Spotted Drum fish
The shore dives are like a baby nursery…this is a baby Jackknife fish. Drums, High Hats and Jackknifes are very small as babies….not even half an inch!
A baby French Angel!
A beautiful teenage French Angel fish
Mario took this photo of me checking out the seahorse!

Stay tuned for more amazing critters from Cozumel!

And don’t forget to purchase my book, ALL FISH FACES: Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish, it makes a great gift for kids of all ages!

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