Columbia Deeps and Columbia Shallows are Sensational Dives on Cozumel!

It is so hard to photograph the beauty of these corals and the mountains that hold them!

Columbia Deeps and Columbia Shallows! Cozumel is a well known diving destination. Jacques Cousteau put Cozumel on the map in 1960, and he did a documentary about the mesoamerican reef, of which Cozumel’s reefs are a part. There are many beautiful dive sites on Cozumel, but I have to say that I love diving Columbia Reef. Columbia is quite far south off the island, and therefore it is never loaded with divers the way Palancar often is. The coral mountains of Columbia are breathtaking, and the shallow area is full of life. I think these photos will show you why I love it so much!

The colors never cease to enchant me.
Always life around every corner
There are many sponges on Columbia, and turtles love to eat there.

A sponge barrel of enormous size!
Another beautiful sponge nestled among corals
This beautiful Scorpionfish was well camouflaged in this coral
I see you! Don’t you love its lips???
Cool urchin among the sponges and coral
I love the shoals of fish…you never know where you’ll find them!
See all of the pretty little fish?
Love these gorgonians.
The shallows of Columbia are equally busy! This is a reef parrot.
Southern Stingrays always have a friend along to eat the fragments of food the ray doesn’t.
As long as there is food, turtles don’t care if it is shallow or deep! Check out these neck wrinkles!
Look at that face!
I always love seeing these endangered Hawksbills. All turtles are endangered.
Schoolmasters and Yellow Tail Snappers

Isn’t it amazing to contemplate that we know more about the planets in our galaxy than we do about our own oceans? Our oceans are in terrible danger, and we must start doing more. There is a new documentary out that everyone should watch. I was interviewed for it but didn’t make the final cut. Check out Chasing Coral on Netflix. I have been in many of the places depicted, and I have seen the damage that climate change is doing. Yes, climate change is real. We must start paying attention.

We are losing, and we must fight back.

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