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3 Rules that will Help You with Amazing Underwater Photography

3 Rules that will Help You with Amazing Underwater Photography! If you love to snorkel or dive, you will probably love taking underwater photos. The world is completely different under the sea and from the strange beauty of nudibranchs to the nerve-wracking moment when you see your first shark, what you see is worth being able to share.

Amazing Underwater Photography

Capturing underwater images is more difficult than you might think, though. Amazing Underwater Photography takes into account that the light is different, the subjects are different and even your experience of gravity is different! So, here are the 3 rules you have to follow.

Choosing the Right Camera

If you know what sort of depth you will be going to, you absolutely must make sure that your underwater camera can withstand the pressure. This is really important because a camera that works fine for snorkelers at the surface may break at the 30 meters an Advanced Open Water diver gets to. Always check to see the depth that the camera can go.

Choosing a camera with wi-fi is a good idea if you don’t like messing around with wires when you want to back up your pictures. iCloud photo sharing is ideal if you want to take a lot of pictures and make the most of your camera’s memory. Plus, you can share images with your family on the go too.

Being Patient

Let’s face it, humans are land animals. We’re pretty great at running after things to get a good shot but in the sea, the creatures have the major advantage of adaptation; this means that as much as you might want to chase a dolphin for that perfect underwater picture, it is always going to out-swim you. Chasing fish and underwater critters usually means you will get a butt shot! Be patient, and wait for a good shot.

Patience is a hard lesson to learn but if you allow a story to unfold before you, you’re much more likely to get an amazing picture. While you are waiting, think about what the light is like, how you want to position yourself for a cool image and keep your eye out for things happening around you. Amazing Underwater Photography requires patience, and sometimes you just cannot get the image. That’s okay, there are plenty of fish in the sea!

Be Open-minded

Another good lesson here is that of serendipity. You might be aiming to take a photo of a turtle on this dive but you never really know what is going to be on the reef at any given time. Open your mind and see what is there – you never know, you might get lucky and see something awesome. Amazing underwater photography is sometimes just luck!

A beautiful Mantis Shrimp in Thailand’s Andaman Sea

The sea is full of all kinds of critters and sometimes you can spot rare species without even realizing it. You might not fancy the idea of looking at a sea slug or a shrimp but these creatures are often brightly colored aliens that are irresistible to photographers. The point is, it’s not just the big animals that make cool pictures. I love taking macro shots of tiny critters.

Taking underwater photos is a great way to capture your dives and share your experiences with friends and family. No matter what you choose to photograph, the world under the sea will always provide a fascinating subject.

Sometimes animals really like your camera! No, you may not have my GoPro! Photo by Carol Guttery of Wayfaring Views.

One last thing: please make sure that you remain vigilant to what is going on around you and you have the correct qualifications to take photos while you dive. Safety and good dive etiquette first!

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