Yosemite is an Amazing Fall Destination

22 hours ago
Tam Warner

Yosemite is an amazing fall destination, I know because I have experienced it! I have been to many places on…

5 New Things to Try on Your Travels

5 New Things to Try on Your Travels! With everyone itching to go traveling, or at least plan a decent…

6 days ago

How to Give Back to Society While Traveling

How to give back to society while traveling? It can be done, and I have always been a supporter of…

2 weeks ago

Yes, this Traveler, Blogger, and Diver is going Stir Crazy!

Yes, this Traveler, Blogger and Diver is going Stir Crazy Right Now. Are you?

2 weeks ago

It is #FISHFRIDAY and Here are a Few Fish I love!

It is #FISHFRIDAY and Here are Fish I love! I cannot begin to tell you how badly I want to…

3 weeks ago

We Will Travel Again!

We will travel again. The question is, how safely? I would feel comfortable traveling now if others would wear masks…

1 month ago