Wordless Wednesday: Diving St Lucia

I am presently in St Lucia with REEF, doing fish surveys on the coral reefs, which are not well documented. The last time St Lucia was surveyed was 2009. There are eighteen of us, so we’re doing our best to see what is living here. For those of you who think I am a total fish geek, think again! The REEF folks have amazing skill at identifying fish! I love learning, so I will be more of a fish geek than ever! Enjoy the photos!

Our dive boat, Miss Bertha!

Our dive boat, Miss Bertha!

15 id soft coral

Soft corals

15 JA banded shrimp make sure and id

Banded shrimpie

15 ja brown chromis

Brown Chromis are EVERYWHERE, on every dive!

15 ja feather duster worm

Beautiful, and large, feather duster

15 ja longjaw id

A new fish for me…a Longjaw Squirrelfish

15 ja s file

A beautiful Scrawled Filefish

15 ja soldier

A Blackbar Soldierfish!

15 ja sponges

Beautiful sponges in St Lucia

15 ja scrawled file closeup

Pretty scrawled file

15 ja trumpet

There are so many trumpetfish!

15 tr golden and coney hunting

The hunt is on for this team: Goldentail eel and a Coney.

15 tr golden eel


15 tr trumpet in grass

They blend so well

Sadly, there are huge lionfish on every site. They are invasive in the Caribbean.

Sadly, there are huge lionfish on every site. They are invasive in the Caribbean.

Gorgeous, feathery Crinoids

Gorgeous, feathery Crinoids



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  1. Barbara Free says:

    I’m so glad you are enjoying the diving, and thanks as always for sharing your photo’s…..fabulous !!!

  2. I’m impressed, such beautiful pictures of funny and colourful creatures! 🙂
    Traveling Rockhopper recently posted…New Zealand – MaoriMy Profile

  3. Murph says:

    Your contribution to saving the reefs and sea creatures is immeasurable Tam! As ever, your photos are priceless!

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