Why I Haven’t Blogged for a Week!

cozyuWhy haven’t I blogged in a whole week? My car broke down and I was stuck for a week waiting for a tow truck? I’m in Mexico and the internet has been down? (that one is true, actually!) My dog ran away and I’ve been chasing him? What other lame excuse can I come up with? The truth is: I’ve been so busy diving and snorkeling and going out to dinner I just haven’t made time. I sleep, eat, dive, dive, eat, dive, sleep. The perfect existence for me!

15 gray angel face close up

I had to catch up with friends, you know….

15 honeycomb cowfish closeup

Honeycomb Cowfish are usually shy…but this one came quite close!


Oh, wonderful Mexico! How I love ya, how I love ya! We arrived in Cozumel last Monday and had no internet. Now, I wouldn’t mind being off line so much, but when you are a blogger trying to build your brand and your traffic, it can be rather inconvienent. I’ve been to both Starbucks on the island. One cannot spend the day there, though, how depressing would that be? Too much for me to deal with, especially when there is an ocean full of fish and coral and all kinds of wonderful things just outside my door. I just can’t stay out of the water. I’ve only had one day off from diving, but I am taking the next two days off. Too many divers on the boat…and Randy and I have errands and other things we want to do.

Iggy, our resident iguana, was here to greet us.

Iggy, our resident iguana, was here to greet us.

The diving has been nice and easy, with hardly any current, which is unusual for Cozumel. Instead of flying over the reefs, I’ve been able to stop and look around. That’s my favorite!

The food has been rather wonderful…and I will get to that in another post! In the meantime, check out the photos and see what I have been up to!

I heard tapping today...and thought someone was at the door...

I heard tapping today…and thought someone was at the door…

fight club

This dude was in my door frame….

So I took a few pictures....and off he went! Cute, isn't he?

So I took a few pictures….and off he went! Cute, isn’t he?

Then off to dinner and a lovely margarita at La Cocay. Yum!

Then off to dinner and a lovely margarita at La Cocay. Yum!

So, what have YOU been up to?





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  1. Well, I’m glad you’re back in the saddle again Tam! I did miss you, your incredible blogs and those fabulous pictures of those that live under the water line. Those beautiful creatures should put on a fashion show for all of us to see. They’re styling in all shapes and sizes and their color combinations put all fashion designers to shame. Truly remarkable~~~Thank you for sharing your adventures from the deep blue sea! Cheers with Drinkie poos!

  2. I haven’t been diving! oh wait. I have. Via your blog. Gladyou are having fun!

  3. Hi Tam! Good for you! What better way to spend the week. Blogging can wait when you are having that much fun for sure. Great photos. Thanks! ~Kathy
    Kathy @ SMART Living 365.com recently posted…How Minimalism or Rightsizing Prepares You For RetirementMy Profile

  4. I really love the dive photos! Who could blame you, I wouldn’t to be stuck at a computer if that were my other option either. Have fun.
    Rena McDaniel recently posted…PAGE VIEWS VS UNIQUE VISITORSMy Profile

  5. Barbara Free says:

    Tam, thanks for checking in with us and keeping everyone in the loop. I’m so happy to see you are in your happy place, and catching up with all your finned friends. I know they miss you when you are not around. As always, I love seeing the great photo’s…..it’s my way of living life through you……I have a blast. !!! Sorry to hear you had a few unfortunate events, but hopefully it’s all getting cleared up. Have fun, and tell Randy I said hi. Hopefully he is able to dive.

  6. You mean you’re actually living instead of writing about living? There will be plenty of time for that. You can’t always hang out with the denizens of the deep, but you can pretty much write anytime, so the choice is obvious. 🙂

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