A Most Unpleasant Surprise on Dive Day 7 in Raja Ampat

raja ampat, day 7, sunset

Beautiful Day 7 in late afternoon with a drone in the sky.

Ear problems are a most unpleasant surprise! “I can’t dive because of my ears” is something I have heard a million times. Generally, it is not true, most people can clear their ears, and if you don’t believe me, just yawn! They clear. It is a fact that there are divers who have ear trouble, and my husband was among them. He burst his eardrum at least 3 times that we know of. I used to get what they call “swimmers ear”, which is an outside the ear infection that is very painful, but I haven’t had it in years. Until Raja Ampat!

On the 6th day of diving my ears began to hurt. By Day 7 I knew there had to be an infection, so I made the decision to skip the rest of the day’s diving, take antibiotics and ear drops, and rest. The day was spent sorting photos and resting, and by dinner I was feeling much better. Until I put alcohol based ear drops in my ear. I actually screamed the pain was so absolutely unexpected! A nurse on board told me that I had probably burst an eardrum. Well, I was pretty sure of it, and the alcohol drops just confirmed it. However, I could not miss the incredibly beautiful sunset dive! My ear ached a bit for the rest of the trip, but I was very careful and had no major issues. The benefit of having a burst eardrum? You don’t have to clear your ears! A little diver humor!

raja ampat, diving, sunset

Tips of an anemone.

raja ampat, diving, sunset

Raggy Scorpionfish is about 4 inches long!

raja ampat, diving, sunset

Raggy Scorpionfish face on!

raja ampat, diving, sunset

Beautiful fan coral.

raja ampat, diving, sunset

So much detail!

raja ampat, diving, sunset

Close up of a seastar!

raja ampat, diving, sunset

Adorable and exquisitely tiny shrimp in anemone.

raja ampat, diving, sunset

Bluebells! Actually they are tunicates.

raja ampat, diving, sunset

My favorite anemonefish! The Skunk.

raja ampat, diving, sunset

A Raja Ampat sunset

raja ampat, diving, sunset

Nature is art.


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  1. barbara free says:

    I agree, nature is art. The best kind!! Looks like you had another successful day of diving. I can’t believe how you are able to find the smallest of creatures…..you have a good eye.

  2. Oh noooooooooooooooo! Ear troubles are the worst. Your photos are great though! Hope your ears are feeling better!

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