Buccanos at Night is one of the Reasons to Consider Cozumel a Foodie Destination!

foodies, cozumel, buccanosFood has become one of the best features of a Cozumel vacation! Beginning with Buccanos at Night, I am planning a series of articles on different restaurants on the island, showing you that Cozumel has grown into a first rate foodie vacation destination. 30 years ago you received a taco, and often a tummy virus to boot. Those days are long, long gone.  foodies, cozumel, buccanos

foodies, cozumel, buccanos

I love this piece of Mayan art.

foodies, cozumel, buccanos

A beautiful bar

foodies, cozumel, buccanos

Bar seating area. Check out the light fixture…I want it!

foodies, cozumel, buccanos

The ladies room is art!

foodies, cozumel, buccanos

I love the art. Is this a fallen angel, or a fairy who had her wing torn off?

Buccanos at Night has been a closely held secret for locals, but it is now a destination in itself. During the day it is a beach club, mostly for cruise ship passengers, but at night, Wednesday through Sunday, it becomes a first rate international restaurant. Buccanos at Night is not afraid to combine bold flavors and create culinary masterpieces from appetizers to desserts, making it a popular and trendy spot for foodies and locals alike.

foodies, cozumel, buccanos

My margarita was perfect.

foodies, cozumel, buccanos

The evening’s special cocktail!

My recent visit to Buccanos was a surprise, as they had opened an upstairs space instead of sharing the space of the beach club. I told Inez, the owner, that she has to decorate my home. Every piece of furniture or art in the restaurant is nothing short of fabulous. Every piece is a wonder. The ambiance is wonderful, candlelit with views over the ocean to the mainland, and boats passing by. But the true draw: the food.

foodies, cozumel, buccanos

The bread had a wonderful presentation.

foodies, cozumel, buccanos

My appetizer: a crispy poached egg with pesto crostini and tomato chipotle. Don’t forget the asparagus!

We began with cocktails. I had their top shelf margarita, and my guests enjoyed the special cocktail of the evening with fresh coconut. We ordered bread, and it was so buttery it melted in your mouth. Garlic and a little Parmesan gave it an extra oomph. I enjoyed a Lobster Caesar Salad for my meal, while my guests enjoyed a Miso Buttered Lobster Tail and a Surf and Turf, Angus meets Lobster, Burger! If I was still eating meat, I would have loved to taste the burger! It looked amazing, and my cousin said it was beyond delicious.

Lobster Caesar!

foodies, cozumel, buccanos

Surf and Turf, angus meets lobster! Doesn’t this look incredible?

foodies, cozumel, buccanos

Miso butter lobster.


foodies, cozumel, buccanos

To finish, cappucino and a chocolate dessert with hot sauce, brownie and orea. The ice cream was made from goat cheese.

foodies, cozumel, buccanos

A beautiful night and an exceptional meal!

Just writing this blog makes me hungry. I think I will call and make another reservation before I head home!

Love the art? So do I! The artist’s name is Carina, and you can find her at https://www.caribarbachanoart.com/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cari.barbachano.


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  1. barbara free says:

    That restaurant looks amazing. I will have to eat there someday.

  2. HI Tam. Buccanos looks like a great place! I love restos that unique and intriguing art.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted…A visit to Hershey: America’s favorite chocolate meccaMy Profile

  3. Suzanne says:

    Holy cow that looks amazing! Your food photography is terrific! I can’t wait for our trip down there!

  4. I’ll have the Miso Butter Lobster, please! 🙂 Mind you… it’s pretty hard to choose…so … just give me a minute… Definitely that dessert! 🙂

  5. Cindy Ladage says:

    Art on the wall and on the plate love it!

  6. Mmmm, this is a restaurant I could really sink my teeth into! Whatever the dish was with the poached egg with pesto crostini and tomato chipotle…stop the press…that looks amazing!!!! I’ll take two, please.

  7. never would have pictured Cozumel as a foodie place…thansk for the wake up call. This places so good, the pics are gorgeous. And I want a special fresh coconut cocktail now!

  8. Sue Reddel says:

    Wow! I’m definitely bookmarking this spot for our next visit to Cozumel. Everything looks delicious and I love the art too.

  9. Great decor.. even in the bathrooms! The food look incredible, my lunch is going to seem so boring now 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  10. Okay, I’d go just for that cocktail! How fun!

  11. Buccanos at Night looks and sounds wonderful…it is great news for anyone looking for a Cozumel holiday that it is turning into a culinary destination! Very interesting!!
    Marilyn Jones recently posted…Burano Island is a Venetian TreasureMy Profile

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