This time it is the Real Deal, My Book is Published!

FISH FACES, book, tam warner minton, andrea marshall, queen of mantas


Yep, it is the Real Deal! Nothing like announcing a book and then have it mucked up in publishing! But, Fish Faces, Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish, is available! After redoing some graphics and changing the formatting, I am very, very happy with it. Right now it is available on at Right now you can buy it on LULU, but shortly it will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles at the same price.  It is meant for people of all ages, though children love the ocean and ocean creatures! We can safely say it is a book for children of all ages! What can be better for our planet than learning about its creatures and marveling at their beauty?

I am dedicated to the preservation and conservation of our oceans, and I will give 10% of any profits to the Marine Megafauna Foundation which was co-founded by Dr. Andrea Marshall to conduct research and save our ocean giants. I have gone on expeditions with Andrea, and support her efforts 100%. Take a look, and I think you will too! Andrea is known as the Queen of Mantas, and has a documentary that was shown on BBC many years ago. Thanks to her and her students, much more is known about these animals now! They are doing important work.

FISH FACES, book, tam warner minton, andrea marshall, queen of mantas

Andrea works with graduate students in research projects about Manta Rays.


FISH FACES, book, tam warner minton, andrea marshall, queen of mantas

Andrea getting ID shots of a Whale Shark in the Yucatan. Her co founder, Simon Pierce, is the lead scientist for these endangered gentle giants.


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  1. tammy a robinson says:

    Hi Tammy! This is so very exciting! Congrats to you on your published book and thank you for what you do for our creatures under the sea.

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