The 3 Best Tourist Attractions in the Fabulous City of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires was a fantastic surprise when I visited in January of 2017, and these are the 3 Best Tourist attractions in my opinion. I did not expect the incredible European architecture, the cosmopolitan city, and the diversity of its citizens. My friend Annie and I very wisely chose a great, private tour company,  Maria Corbalon Bespoke Tours, and we absolutely saw the best of Buenos Aires. Here are three places you must visit in order to really experience Buenos Aires!

Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Recoleta Cemetery

A virgin lights a seven candlabra for Dorrego Ortiz Basauldo. This is one of the largest tableaux in the cemetery.

  1. Recoleta Cemetery is a sight that must be seen. Why, you ask, would one care about visiting a cemetery? Because of the statuary and the historical value of the cemetery, but most of all, the peaceful beauty of the art within. Recoleta is truly a historical treasure and a beautiful place to spend a day. While touring the cemetery, one learns a tremendous amount of Argentinian history. Wouldn’t you expect the burial spot of Eva Perron to be elaborate and prominent? I would. But it is not. However, it is heavily visited, with many flowers and offerings. Eva’s memory is evergreen in Buenos Aires.

    Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Recoleta Cemetery

    Tomb of Eva Duarte Peron, also known as Evita, a great hero in Argentina.

  2. San Telmo Markets on Sundays. San Telmo is the oldest barrio, or neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It is full of fresh market goods, jewelry, art…and the tango! The Argentinian Tango is danced everywhere in the city, but I cannot tell you how charming it is to see at the wonderful San Telmo Market!
    buenos aires, san telmo, tango

    The tango in Buenos Aires is not the same as the European style tango. In Buenos Aires it is much more sensual with much more movement.

    buenos aires, san telmo, tango

    This gentleman was also giving lessons, but I loved watching him dance with his partner.

  3. The Rose Garden of Palermo. One of the most amazing attributes of Buenos Aires is the outdoor green space in the city. There is nowhere in the city more green and blooming than Palermo’s Rose Garden. Words fail, but photos will tell you the whole story! It is hard to believe that such a beautiful spot exists in a busy city!
    Buenos Aires, Argentina, touring Buenos Aires

    At the Rose Garden

    Buenos Aires, Argentina, Palermo

    Beautiful roses.

    buenos aires, argentina, palermo

    Beautiful Annie among the beautiful roses!

    These were my favorite spots in Buenos Aires, the ones that remain most embedded in my memory. Have you been to Buenos Aires? Are these among your favorite spots as well?


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  1. Suzanne says:

    I am so glad that you went there first. You did all of the work for me! Beautiful post, beautiful city! I can’t wait.

    • Tam Warner says:

      Watch your phone! The pickpockets are very talented! But you’ll love Buenos Aires. And you should use our tour guide, it is a one on one tour, and well worth it to receive such a great introduction to the entire city! Maria Corbalan Bespoke Tours.

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