Spa Lovers! Look at the Cozumel Med Spa!

cozumel, med spa, medical tourism, mexicoWhile in Cozumel over the summer, I paid a visit to the Cozumel Med Spa, and Michaela Velasco, spa manager extraordinaire! I am so glad I did! I knew, of course, that resorts had spas that offered massage, facials, nail care, the usual, but I honestly didn’t know that much more is available on the island. Then I came across Michaela Velasco and received quite an education!

Of course I had heard for years that Mexico is a medical tourist destination. From dentistry to plastic surgery, Mexico can offer first class doctors and facilities at half or less the price in the USA. Treatments that aren’t available in the USA because of FDA regulations, but are available in Europe, Canada and Mexico, are also sought after.

cozumel, med spa, mexico, spa

Lovely treatment rooms

The Cozumel Med Spa offers treatments like peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling, dermaplaning, botox, fillers, and medical grade facials (need definitions? Here you go! Anyone who spends any amount of time at a dermatologist will recognize several of those treatments, and will know how expensive they are in the United States. At the Cozumel Med Spa they are less than half the cost! (You heard me!) There is also a doctor of esthetics on the premises to perform procedures. Dr Debra Santana did her training in Guadalajara.

The spa is not on the tourist drag, it is on 25th, a bit back from the tourist traps. It is quiet, and very clean and soothing, with cool air conditioning! Michaela is happy to recommend treatments for your skin, and has products onsite. I allowed her to give me a cooling, exfoliating facial, and I can tell you my skin felt luscious afterward!cozumel, med spa, mexico, spa

We all know how much I love Cozumel, and now I have even more reason to! You can bet I will be heading to the spa every time I am on the island! I give it an A+++++!


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