I Love that my Daughter took me on a Surprise, Peachy Excursion near Dallas!

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peach, ham orchard

We can be a bit silly!

My lovely daughter, Alexandra, is a sweetheart. Last week she called me and told me to be ready at 745a on Saturday for a surprise excursion!

surprise, ham orchard, peach

I tend to be overly enthusiastic…well, I get very excited at certain things, events, animals, etc. My family loves to surprise me, or be with me on these occasions. Apparently I make sounds they find hilarious. The best examples I can think of are roasted corn, ostriches and giraffes. And deer. And Elk. If I saw a moose I would have trouble containing myself! Something else I get excited about and love? Peaches. Fresh, juicy, lovely peaches.

surprise, ham orchard, peach


My daughter surprised me with a visit to Ham Orchard‘s in Terrell, Texas on their last day of the season. Yes, I squealed! Anything peach you can possibly imagine was at this peach farm! Peach salsa, peaches, preserved peaches, bottled peaches, peach jam, peach spread, peach pulled pork, peach cobbler, peach pie….I sound like Bubba in Forrest Gump about shrimp, don’t I? But they had as much available in peaches as Bubba could name about shrimp. By the way, the blackberries were huge and they are delicious!

surprise, ham orchard, peach

Photo by Alexandra Minton

surprise, ham orchard, peach

Photo by Alexandra Minton

Ham Orchard also has barbeque! And peach soft serve! Photo by Alexandra Minton

ham, peaches, peach, surprise

Ham Orchard’s BBQ! Photo by Alexandra Minton

The building is very small, and people were lined up to get in before opening! The cute little white building reminded me of a fruit farm we visited when I was growing up…Mumma’s Fruit Farm in Dayton, Ohio. The smell of fresh fruits and vegetables took me back! My daughter and I had to have peach ice cream. What is better than ice cream with peaches? Or peach soft serve? Not much. So we bought a cone and a cup, and Alexandra photographed the sweets, peaches, bottles and buildings. I am very proud of my little girl, she is a professional photographer at Alexandra Minton Photography. She shoots weddings, engagements, portraits, families, newborns, and food. She just started an Instagram account called Sweet, Sweet Dallas, and has been chosen for one of D Magazines food photos of the week! Sweet, Sweet Dallas is purely an account for desserts around and in Dallas, Tx. If you like food, you need to like Sweet Sweet Dallas on Instagram! All foodies, click that link!

ham orchard, alexandra minton, sweet sweet dallas

SWEET SWEET DALLAS! Photo by Alexandra Minton

ham orchard, bbq, peaches, sweet sweet dallas

I remember barrel tables and chairs from my childhood. Photo by Alexandra Minton

Ham’s Orchard will reopen on May 12, 2018! I know I will be there!


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  1. Suzanne says:

    So happy you shared this story. I have an Alexandra as well and she is the light of my life. What a wonderful surprise! I could feel your mom happiness all the way in California. Love it!

  2. Beautiful photos! Having alone time with our adult children is a gift! A treasure that grows more special as time goes on. What a refreshing, peachy post this is…love it!

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