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xmas eve 09 tam and lukeyIn order to stay in touch with my readership, I would like to ask you the following questions. My blog is going well, but it can always be made better, right? I would appreciate it if you could either answer in comments, or email me at travelswithtam@gmail.com. Thank you so much!!!

  • What do you enjoy the most about Travels with Tam?
  • What topics are of the most interest to you?
  •  Photo blogs?
      • Stories? What kind of stories?
      • Personal writing?
      • Travel writing?
      • Dive trips?
      • Reviews?
      • Solo Travel?
      • Midlife Journey?
  • How often do you think I should post? Right now I try for 3 times per week. Should I do more? Or less?
  • Does graphic design on blogs interest you? Are you attracted to blogs because of their “logo” or design?
  • For those who are members of the Travels with Tam Community, what made you sign up to hear about new posts? If you have not yet signed up to get notified when I post, why haven’t you?
  • How can I add value, or excitement, to your life? Is there something you struggle with that this blog can address?

I value every single person who reads my blog, or looks at my photos. Every comment is exciting to me because it means we are communicating! I love sharing my life and adventures with you, and would love to know more about your life and journeys through discussion (i.e. comments!).

Thank you for your assistance! I appreciate you so much!

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Have a fabulous day!



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I am an avid scuba diver, underwater photographer, amateur historian; interested in all people and cultures. For me, the unexpected is usually the norm! My motto? I am an Empty Nester who likes to Renew, Revamp, and Reinvent Life! Contact me at travelswithtam@gmail.com

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  1. You know, I love reading about your adventures. You do things that I will never do and I live vicariously through them. Also, your photographs are amazing! So, I love those, too. I have no advice except to say “you write it/I’ll read it!”
    Carol Cassara recently posted…Wowie! Maui coffee!My Profile

  2. Joan Stommen says:

    Your photo and travel adventures are unique as your love of animals and nature always show! I enjoy your personal writing as well….. hearing now and then that your husband is doing well makes me happy! Personally, 3 times a week seems perfect in order to also live life, clean house and have new experiences AWAY from media! Looking at everything as potential post material is draining! Keep up the good
    work….your blog is perfect imo, Tam!

  3. Okay, where were you really going in that photo with the glass of champagne?!?!?

    I always look forward to reading about your trips and I especially love the gorgeous photos that accompany them. I know I won’t get to go to many of the places you do so I live vicariously through you!

    If you’re comfortable blogging 3 times a week that’s great. I personally don’t think I could ever blog that often so that wonderful that you do it! You go, girl!
    Cathy Chester recently posted…Why Setting Intentions Should Be Important To YouMy Profile

  4. So smart of you to touch base with your readers!

    I especially enjoy the travel stories. As a blogger/writer who’s venturing deeper into travel writing, I like to see how you share your adventures. Keep up the great photos, too. LIke Carol, I live vicariously through you, especially the dive trips, so those (and the great underwater photos) are my favorites.
    Lisa at Grandma’s Briefs recently posted…Introducing my Disney Grand Adventure co-adventurersMy Profile

  5. Carol Graham says:

    I enjoy following your trips and photos and live vicariously through you — I personally hate to travel.

  6. Debi Talbert says:

    I’m brand new here. I do like what you are doing. It’s a great idea for me too.

  7. Kris says:

    I agree with Joan. It is a good mix of stories and photos that I think interests many people. You do a great job with that. I love the underwater photography because I am not a diver. Any wildlife photos are great to see. 3 times a week is plenty for me. Since your blog is travels with Tam I look for your view of different places.

  8. barbara free says:

    I love everything you do. The story that goes along with the photo is a must. I just would not get the same enjoyment if the story was not there. I love ALL travel blogs. Keep the good work/writing up !!

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