How You can help save our Amazing Oceans!

save amazing oceans, all fish faces, fish, how to help the ocean, how to make a difference, #exploremore

I’ve loved the ocean since I was a little girl, and I am still enthralled!

How YOU can help our amazing oceans! Through all of my travels, especially those involving the ocean and diving, I have become more and more aware of the changing state of our oceans. The changes from 30 years ago to the present are painfully clear. Water temperatures are significantly warmer, coral reefs are bleaching and dying, more animals are endangered, over fishing is manifest, and trash in the ocean is at an all time high. What can we do? There are people out there talking about this. Climate Change is settled science, there is no doubt that it is happening and that it is the result of human activities. The only unclear thing about Climate Change is how to pass effective policies to combat it. I won’t even engage climate deniers, their credibility is zero.

save amazing oceans, all fish faces, fish, how to help the ocean, how to make a difference, #exploremore

Snorkeling with 10 year old Addison this summer was a terrific reminder of how exciting the ocean can be!

How can we create change? How can we involve others, encourage others, teach others? I found what I believe is at least one answer. People don’t care much about things that do not impact them NOW. So many people in all generations have no knowledge about the ocean and what lives there. They don’t know how much human life depends on healthy oceans. We need to tell them. Now, I’ve taught many people how snorkel and scuba dive, both kids and adults. The enthusiasm and the wonder on their faces has always brought me joy, and almost all of them are still diving today. I cannot take everyone in the world to the ocean, but I can do my utmost to bring the ocean world to them.

all fish faces, fish, how to help the ocean, how to make a difference, #exploremore

The first in the series OCEAN FRIENDS, ALL FISH FACES!

I am making it my mission to educate others on the importance of protecting our oceans and the life that lives beneath the waves. This is one reason I have published  ALL FISH FACES: Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish, the first of a series called OCEAN FRIENDS. Shopping in the UK? Find ALL FISH FACES  on Amazon UK! By introducing people to our friends under the waves we can excite the imagination and introduce ways in which to protect our oceans. I don’t need a PhD to travel and perform citizen science, and every action produces another action. If I can suggest ways to help the ocean in a way that everyone can understand while at the same time showing them colorful and amazing photos of ocean life, my action will produce a chain reaction. Every person who reacts and takes one suggestion in the book seriously will create a better chance for future generations to experience our oceans. Every small choice counts.

amazing oceans, all fish faces, fish, how to help the ocean, how to make a difference, #exploremore

Andrea Marshall took this photo of me in the Yucatan, on a Citizen Science trip, with other adventurous women!

There are amazing people and organizations out there working to save our ocean and its animals. I am donating 10% of profits to the Marine Megafauna Foundation to support their efforts to save our ocean giants. Dr Andrea Marshall is a friend and an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a difference. I travel frequently with her aka Queen of Mantas, on her Ray of Hope Expeditions, and you should check them out! They are wonderful experiences. Paul North is an UnderSea Specialist for Lindblad/Natgeo and has founded Meet the Ocean to educate others. Zack Rago of Chasing Coral, an incredible Netflix documentary about our coral reefs which has been nominated for Best Feature Documentary, is a self confessed coral nerd who also seeks to educate others at every opportunity. Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth 2 is a great source as well. Join all of us who want to make a change to be sure our children and grandchildren will have an ocean to snorkel or swim in.

ALL FISH FACES  is available on AMAZON!

Critical Praise and Reviews For All Fish Faces: Photos & Fun Facts About Tropical Reef Fish

“ALL FISH FACES by Tam Warner Minton is an underwater treasure of tropical reef fish faces, some fierce, some fun, but all a joy for fish fans young and old. Impressive photos and interesting facts — including names of every fish featured — create a colorful dive log worth experiencing again and again. My 9-year-old grandson loved perusing the pages, pointing out his favorites and learning fun facts about them.” Lisa Carpenter, author of the blog, Grandma’s Briefs.

“All Fish Faces is wonderful tool for kids to explore the magic of reef fishes. The weird and wild facts alongside the frequently hilarious photography make it a joy to read at any age. A must have for elementary classrooms! I’ll certainly be checking out fish faces in a new way on my next dive!”Zack Rago, Netflix Documentary, Chasing Coral.

A great introduction to a variety of curious and colorful fish species. Fun, and particularly informative because of the many different views offered of the fish featured. Would make a fine gift for anyone looking for an ocean introduction.”—Paul North, National Geographic Expeditions and founder of Meet the Ocean Foundation and podcast.

“Completely inspired by this amazing book from solo female traveler Tam Warner Minton who has taken her love for marine photography and created a passion project to give others a window into the underwater world. Tam is as intrigued with the incredible diversity of fishes in our ocean and their unique personalities as I am. …. Ultimately this is a testament to what one person can achieve when they set out to share their passion with others. The book is ideal for kids, my own little girl has a copy and loves it!”Dr Andrea Marshall is a marine biologist known for her research into manta rays, and a founder of the Marine Megafauna Foundation. She was the subject of the Natural World documentary Andrea: Queen of Mantas and is a National Geographic Explorer.

“Tam is quite the fish fan and her underwater photography is beautiful, colorful and a feast for the eyes. I never tire of her eye for unusual and interesting underwater sights. I wish i had her eye and her energy! If you like beautiful nature, this is a must-have, even if you just page through it every week for inspiration. Love it.” – Miacara, Amazon Reviewer

Release Date: 7/30/17
ISBN: 978-1521807781
Paperback 13.99
Ebook 2.99

save amazing oceans, all fish faces, fish, how to help the ocean, how to make a difference, #exploremore

With Dr Andrea Marshall in Komodo National Park on an awesome Ray of Hope Expedition!

save amazing oceans, all fish faces, fish, how to help the ocean, how to make a difference, #exploremore

A very cool Saddleback Anenomefish!

save amazing oceans, all fish faces, fish, how to help the ocean, how to make a difference, #exploremore

Red Spinecheek Anemonefish in Indonesia.

save amazing oceans, all fish faces, fish, how to help the ocean, how to make a difference, #exploremore

A Mola Mola in Ecuador

all fish faces





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  1. What a fun way to give back!

  2. I love the ocean. I’m not a strong enough swimmer to scuba dive – I had a chance to learn in Key Largo (Florida) but was too nervous. However, I did enjoy snorkelling in Cozumel. My boys love to swim underwater.
    Linda Hobden recently posted…Destination Boa VistaMy Profile

  3. Carol says:

    I love the idea of citizen science and you are Definitely a great role model in that …

  4. mark says:

    Sounds like a great cause to help the oceans. Being Australian their is a constant struggle going with conservation vrs industry vrs climate change. This is especially prevelant with The Great Barrier Reef and the problems its faacing

  5. I used to love scuba diving, but after I got the bends it didn’t seem as worth it to me anymore. However, my kids are getting into it and I’m glad how much they enjoy it. We need to preserve the world and work in harmony with the land, not smother it.

  6. Meagan says:

    I’ve never tried scuba diving, as it seems a bit intimidating, but I love seeing people using their passions to better the world. Thank you for spreading the word!
    Meagan recently posted…5 reasons to put Avignon on your bucket listMy Profile

  7. What a great cause! Thank you so much for sharing, I need to look more into this. I just love the ocean and all of its precious creatures.

  8. Susan says:

    This is a great way to educate kids and big kids about preserving the ocean. I love the whole concept of fish faces!
    Susan recently posted…Berlin Street Art and the Leica Oskar Barnack AwardMy Profile

  9. Creating a dialogue about climate change, its effect on our oceans, and how we can make a difference is so valuable and needed right now. Thank you for shedding a light on this topic!

  10. Jean says:

    What an amazing thing you are doing. Absolutely love it. If only more people were as passionate about our oceans

  11. Carol Colborn says:

    Citizen science. What a way to travel and give back at the same time!

  12. Francesca says:

    I love your passion and your mission. I, too, don’t engage climate change deniers; can’t argue with hard, scientific fact! And your book… I see it making a perfect Christmas gift for my nieces and nephews!
    Francesca recently posted…Top 10 things to do in Cape Town with kidsMy Profile

  13. Dan says:

    The oceans are the only places where pollution is present in small quantities.
    Yes, I know that oil spills are happening from time to time, but even so, on the ocean we can’t find power plants, cars and all the technology generating harmful emissions.
    Dan recently posted…Is Nuclear Energy Renewable? – AEN NewsMy Profile

  14. Olive says:

    Giving out the word to everyone. We are keep loosing the ocean around us. I really appreciate your effort.

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