Did You Know Guidos is the Iconic Restaurant on Cozumel?

cozumel dining, guidos, foodies, cozumel foodie

Guidos Garden dining

Guido’s, overlooking the Mexican Caribbean on Melgar on Cozumel, is the iconic restaurant on Cozumel, without a doubt. When I first visited the island (30 years ago!) I ate at Guidos. Whenever I visit Cozumel Guidos is at the top of the list of restaurants we always go to. Why? You mean aside from the fabulous food and daily specials?

cozumel dining, guidos, foodies, cozumel foodie

Pretty garden

No one has bread like Guidos. No one, anywhere! It is the very best. I think it is a tortilla, but whatever it is, it just melts in your mouth, and you could eat it all night long. Yes, it is that good. Over the years we have taken many, many people to Guidos, and every single one of them remembers the bread and wants to return!

cozumel dining, guidos, foodies, cozumel foodie

Guidos famous garlic bread.

The other “Guidos does it best” item on the menu is their Sangria. Truthfully, I am not a big drinker, but I always have at least one glass of Sangria. Usually we order a pitcher for the table! Yum!

cozumel dining, guidos, foodies, cozumel foodie


Recently my cousins and I enjoyed a delicious meal at Guidos. Bread, of course, Sangria, of course, and then you have their regular menu (fabulous) and their specials. Please check out Guidos online menu, and look at the wonderful photos of their wood fired oven, indoor dining, and the garden. When you are on the island, you simply have not experienced Cozumel unless you have dined at Guidos!

Catch of the day Calabrese, browned butter, black olives, capers & lime.

Cozumel dining, Guidos Cozumel, fine dining, foodies, nom

A special with mango and lobster

Cozumel dining, Guidos Cozumel, fine dining, foodies, nom

All restaurants on the island have kitties, whether you see them or not. They keep the restaurants pest free, and besides, I love cats!



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  1. barbara free says:

    It all looks amazing !! Wish I was there.

  2. tammy a robinson says:

    This looks great! My daughter and myself have talked about going to the island!

  3. Wendell says:

    Nice writeup. We are eating there tonight.

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