Fab Photos Friday: Do you love Anemones?

Long fascinated by anemones, I take photos of them on almost every dive. Other photographers look at me like I’m crazy (probably am, I admit), but I think they are incredibly beautiful. Anemones are close relatives to corals and jellies. They have stinging polyps and spend most of their time hanging out on coral reefs waiting to take in the next prey. “Their bodies are composed of an adhesive pedal disc, or foot, a cylindrical body, and an array of tentacles surrounding a central mouth. The tentacles are triggered by the slightest touch, firing a harpoon-like filament into their victim and injecting a paralyzing neurotoxin. The helpless prey is then guided into the mouth by the tentacles.” (http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/invertebrates/sea-anemone/).  I have seen them hitch rides on other creatures, and close up their body. You’ll often find crabs nearby, and anemone fish. There are over 1000 types of sea anemone, and obviously I have only seen a few, but take a look and see how lovely they are, and how deadly (but not to humans).


05 coz creatures march 05 anemone mouth

Beautiful Giant Anemone with mouth showing.

para 14 corkscrew anemone best

I LOVE Corkscrew Anemone. Cozumel.



coz cp 12 sun anemone

See the tiny blue Pederson shrimp lower right on this Sun Anemone?

10 sc 10 para anemone mouth and cleaner fish

Anemone mouth and tiny cleaner who is immune to the sting…or is he a goner?

10 sc 10 sr branching anemone goatfish

This is Branching Anemone.

07 isla anemone

Soft white anemone in Isla Mujeres, MX

coz 11 pnight anemone open - Copy (1)X

You can really see the texture on this Giant Anemone.

coz 10 jan fran knobby anemoneX

Knobby Anemone. Cozumel.

coz 10 jan cardona branching anemone2

Branching anemone in Cozumel


coz 13 sr h anemone

See the tentacles folding within the body? Also look to the left….and at the next photo…

coz 13 sr hairy clinging crab and anemone

There’s usually a crab or a shrimp near an anemone! This is a Hairy Clinging Crab. Cozumel.

Magnificent Anemone in Thailand, Andaman Sea.

Magnificent Anemone in Thailand, Andaman Sea.

Skunk Anemone Fish in Anemone, Thailand

Skunk Anemone Fish in Anemone, Thailand

wr 14 caves humbug damsel in anemone

Humbug Damsels in Anemone

moz 12 ma clownfish best

Clownfish in anemone, Mozambique.

moz 12 giant id anemone and 3 spot humbugs juvenile

Huge anemone! In Mozambique

Gorgeous anemone in Thailand.

Gorgeous anemone in Thailand.

coz paradise night 09 hermit and anemones on board

FOUR anemones are hitch hiking on a Starry Eyed Hermit Crab! Not sure the anemones do anything to help the crab, though!








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  1. They are eerily beautiful creatures, so graceful.

  2. Roz Warren says:

    These things are absolutely gorgeous — so why do they give me the creeps? Loved looking at them, but they’ll probably give me nightmares tonight.

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