Do You Want to Swim with Whale Sharks? Yes, You Do!

whale sharks, travels with tam, adventures, snorkel with whale sharks

Female Whale Shark feeding vertically in the Yucatan

Do you want to swim with Whale Sharks? Every summer, from May 15 until September 15, a marvelous event happens in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Hundreds of mostly juvenile male Whale Sharks migrate to feast on plankton and fish eggs, and, perhaps, to mate. Large females have been seen in the Yucatan, but they are not common. The best time to see these sharks is late June through mid August. This aggregation is one of the largest, if not the largest, known to scientists on the planet. With drone technology, scientists can watch the aggregation and behavior of the sharks from above, but it is always more exciting to be in the water with them!

whale sharks, travels with tam, adventures, snorkel with whale sharks

Researching Whale Sharks in Mexico, I treasure this photo of me with this magnificent fish, taken by Dr Andrea Marshall, proving there are adventurous women out there!

Are Whale Sharks whales or sharks? They are sharks and the largest fish in the ocean. They have huge mouths like whales and they filter feed on the smallest creatures in the ocean. These huge sharks (up to 20 meters) are completely harmless. Whale Sharks are gentle giants, and do not attack even with provocation, which is why they are endangered. They are easy for poachers to kill as they have no fear of humans or boats, they seem almost oblivious to anything except their food. There is still very little known about Whale Sharks. No one has ever seen one give birth, though a whale shark caught in a fishery in Taiwan many years ago was carrying 300 pups. The only place where female Whale Sharks are known to gather are the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador (June through November).  Where do they give birth? No one knows. Two thirds of the known Whale Sharks are male. Where are all the females? The babies? No one knows. Sadly, their docile nature has made them easy targets for those who sell shark fins to the Chinese. To lose these magnificent creatures to make stringy chicken soup is sickening.

whale sharks, travels with tam, adventures, snorkel with whale sharks

Randy and I headed to the whale sharks!

whale sharks, travels with tam, adventures, snorkel with whale sharks

Randy and I with a Whale Shark! You can see the size of these creatures!

I first snorkeled with Whale Sharks in Isla Holbox in the early 2000s. We went with another family, and the kids and adults were enamored and amazed by these incredible creatures. Since then, I have taken every opportunity to see them and photograph them. I have gone with my husband, alone, and on citizen science trips with Marine Megafauna. Every time I see them I photograph them, and I make sure to get identification photos. Whale Sharks have a spot pattern just behind their gills that serve as a “fingerprint”, no two sharks are alike. I send these photographs to Wildbook for Whale Sharks, and in so doing, I contribute to the scientific knowledge of these creatures. You can do citizen science as well! When you see a whale shark, photograph it from the side! This year I took my cousin and her husband for their very first encounter with whale sharks, and they were in awe. The sheer size of these animals is amazing, and to see them and snorkel with them is a very special and exciting experience. I recommend going with Solo Buceo, a great dive and snorkel shop in Cancun. I met one of the owners on a Great White Shark Expedition, and having a close encounter with a Great White is a bonding experience! Since 2010 and my Close Encounter with a Great White Shark, Rodrigo and I have been in touch, and on expeditions. Book Solo Buceo for an amazing experience with not only Whale Sharks, but Sailfish, Cenotes, and Mantas! Rodrigo is deeply involved with Pelagic Life, a non profit in Mexico seeking to protect oceanic pelagic animals, especially sharks.

In December of this year I am co-hosting a trip to the Sea of Cortez with Red Travel Mexico, and we will be snorkeling with Whale Sharks off of La Paz! Please consider coming with us, it will be an exciting trip! The dates are Dec 3-9 and you can get more details at

whale sharks, travels with tam, adventures, swim with whale sharks

My cousin Lisa and a whale shark! She loved it.

whale sharks, travels with tam, adventures, snorkel with whale sharks


whale sharks, travels with tam, adventures, snorkel with whale sharks

Yummy plankton! See the small row of tiny teeth on the lower jaw?

Below you can see how individual Whale Shark’s spot patterns are.

whale sharks, travels with tam, adventures, snorkel with whale sharks

A Whale Shark ID photo

Here is a Whale Shark ID shot.

*My passion for the ocean has resulted in my first self published book! ALL FISH FACES. Check it out!



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  1. I always enjoy reading your posts and the photos are amazing!! Would I swim with sharks? No, but I enjoy reading about your adventures!
    Marilyn Jones recently posted…Sansepolcro, Italy – Home to Renaissance Art TreasureMy Profile

  2. What wonderful experiences you’ve had!

    We’ve swum with whale sharks in Mexico at La Paz. It was totally awesome. They are so gentle – but so HUGE. And they glide right by you, so close. The only thing is that the water was a bit cold (tip: wear a long wetsuit, maybe put a vest on top as well). Mind you, the weather could be much warmer for you :-). Here’s our story:

    And have fun on your trip!
    Sand In My Suitcase recently posted…3 best places to stay in Bocas del Toro for a secluded tropical escapeMy Profile

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