Diving the Revillagigedoes: Punta Tosca

socorro, scuba, diving

Dive Briefing for Punta Tosca

Punta Tosca is a great dive site on the island of Socorro. It can become quite deep, so one really has to be conscious of depth. Sometimes, when you are playing with a dolphin or a manta, or watching sharks, you can forget your depth and look at your computer and say, “holy shit, I’m at 126 feet!”. That happened to me, of course. It is easy to get distracted. Let me show you some of the more distracting creatures!

San Benedicto, diving, mantas

Ah, you know how I love eels! This is the Panemic Green Moray.

Coming out! There were eels out hunting frequently.

Coming out! There were eels out hunting frequently.

San Benedicto, diving, mantas

Look at this Giant Hawkfish’s coloration!

San Benedicto, diving, mantas

I’m not 100% sure, but I believe this is a juvenile Hawkfish. Tiny, maybe 2 inches long.

socorro, scuba, diving

This is Adil, the videographer, videoing me while I photograph him.

socorro, scuba, diving

Ah, the Moorish Idol! To my eyes, this is an absolutely beautiful fish. In Nemo he was “Scar”, correct?

scuba, diving, socorro

Another Panemic Green Moray.

scuba, diving, socorro

Pretty puffer

scuba, diving, socorro

The only thing in focus on this little Sharpnose puffer is the eye! A quick little fishie!

diving was so fantastic. On my next blog...Roca Partida! This adorable puffer is a guinea fowl pufferfish. It is so cute! And shy. Our divemaster, Nacho! C

Beautiful Silkie Shark! Photo by Bob Kaltreider

Punta Tosca was a very nice dive site, it had more coral than most of the sites in the Revillagigedoes, so it was more colorful. I enjoy the big animal dives because they are so exciting, but I also love the dives where you get to see other, smaller fish. The Sharpnose puffer is only 3 inches or so long. Most of these fish have Caribbean cousins, and Indian Ocean cousins. Their coloration is different from place to place, thanks to good old Darwinian evolution.

On Day One, we traveled. As I said, it takes 24 hours to get to the islands from Cabo San Lucas. We did a check out dive at 4pm when we arrived at Socorro. A check out dive is exactly what it sounds like: checking your gear, is everything functioning correctly, is your weight right (divers need extra weight to descend since salt water is so buoyant.) We spent days two and three exploring the different dive sites of Socorro. Day Four was spent at San Benedicto. That night we headed for Roca Partida, the dive site everyone is always excited to go to. Roca Partida is famous for big pelagics, lots of sharks. It did not disappoint us on this trip! We spent two and a half days there, the diving was so fantastic. On my next blog…Roca Partida!

scuba, diving, socorro

These Guinea Fowl puffers are so shy, but they are adorable!

San Benedicto, diving, mantas

This adorable puffer is a guinea fowl pufferfish. It is so cute! And shy. 

scuba, diving, socorro

Our divemaster, Nacho!

scuba, diving, socorro

Divers on Punta Tosca

As you can see from the video, the waiting is the hardest part of strong current and deep diving. Often, you have to grab a rock, and wait for the animals. Sometimes they come, sometimes they don’t. Luck of the draw!

diving, scuba, socorro

Incredible color! Photo by Bob Kaltreider


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  1. Lyn Torres says:

    Cannot believe these colors! Unbelievable!

  2. Juetta West says:

    Tammy as usual, a great read! Since I’m a follower of your’s, I have to say, these pictures are the best thus far. What colors, what beauty lies under the water line. Thank you so much for sharing and educating us!


    • Tam Warner says:

      Really? That is sweet, thank you! A couple of them give photo credit to Bob Kaltreider who was in my scuba group, which I dubbed “Team Nacho”! His strobes were always flashing.

  3. I can not even pronounce th e places you dive … much less contemplate diving them myself. But I love reading about your adventures and seeing your beautiful images.

  4. As a fellow diver, I am loving your photos and reading about these exciting dive sites. They sound like advanced dives as you mention depth and current. Just wondering, are you Advanced Diver certified? (I am Open Water PADI certified. Have thought about getting my Advanced, but haven’t done it!)
    Debbra Dunning Brouillette recently posted…Four Seasons Nevis – Dive and Dine experience: from ocean to tableMy Profile

    • Tam Warner says:

      Yes, this is a trip for Advanced and experienced divers. But…some Open Water Divers can be super experienced. I would advise doing your Advanced so you have more options for diving!!

  5. When I see and read your posts I wonder why we even explore space when there’s SO MUCH to explore right here on Earth. Fabulous!!
    Cheryl Nicholl recently posted…As Homemade As Grandma’s Pie: Shasta Camper UpdateMy Profile

  6. In my next life I want to come back as YOU! What a fabulous trip and I adore the photos of the beautiful creatures you meet. What a fabulous journey!
    Cathy Chester recently posted…How Diana Nyad Inspires Us All To Be ChampionsMy Profile

  7. Mike says:

    Its amazing how clear that Tom Petty song sounds under water!!

  8. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Stunning photos once again. I love traveling vicariously through you!

  9. So funny! I just thought the fish were always there, hovering around, waiting for the divers. But of course, they aren’t! Loved the vivid photos so much. I had to google to find out where island of Socorro was, looks like you had a fantastic time.

  10. Sheryl Kraft says:

    Amazing photos! It’s a whole different world out there..sorry to be missing out, but the thought of diving so far underwater absolutely terrifies me! (That’s why I”m so appreciative of your photos 🙂

  11. I hope you’re going to put together a coffee table book of your travels one day. Your photos are gorgeous – those colors are so eye popping!
    Lois Alter Mark recently posted…shout-out to our viking star family!My Profile

  12. Estelle says:

    Your photos are breathtaking. I feel as I were right there with you. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  13. Carolann says:

    That shark! It was so close…scary for sure. Everytime I was watch Billion Dollar Treasures on TV, I think of you lol. Beautiful photos again!

  14. Noel Morata says:

    Looks like an amazing place to explore the colorful tropical underworld, so beautiful. I loved the experience being there next to you but not feeling scared of big jaws. Thanks for the fun tour.

  15. Barb Free says:

    I love the video, and all the pictures with, of course, your commentary. Sometimes I feel like I am there….so wonderful. The trip seems amazing, and diving spectacular. I would love to do that trip some day. Thanks for sharing Tam. !!

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