Day 6 in Antarctica and the March of the Adelies!

Fab Foto Friday and the March of the Adelies!

Adelies, Penguins, Antarctica

Marching Adelies!

The March of the Adelies! Penguins are an absolute delight. ALL penguins. I must say, though, the Adelies were the most delightful of the delightfuls! They are one of three Brushtail Penguins species found in the Antarctic, and Adelies are not found anywhere else. The penguins were discovered in 1840 by scientists on a French Antarctic expedition led by Jules Dumont d’Urville.  D’Urville named southern Antarctica, or a part of it, Adélie Land, after his wife, Adéle. Scientists Jacques Hombron and Charles Jacquinot also called the penguins “Adelies”.

Adélie penguins were discovered in 1840 by scientists on the French Antarctic expedition led by explorer Jules Dumont d’Urville. D’Urville named Adélie Land, in southern Antarctica, after his wife, Adéle. Scientists Jacques Hombron and Charles Jacquinot also attributed this name to the species.

One for all and all for one!

Cute? Adelies give the name cute to penguins. Adorable, fun to watch, they make one happy just by existing. Yes, I took a lot of photos of them…wouldn’t you??? These penguins are rather indecisive, a bit anxious with people, and keep together in a flock. There are over  60,000 estimated Pairs having their chicks! It is incredible! When one Adelie goes, thousands follow! I hope you enjoy these photos taken at Brown Bluff, in the Ross Sea area! Enjoy the March of the Adelies!

Adelie Penguins, Adelies, Antarctica

Brown Bluff is beautiful, surrounded by ice floes, spectacular with its numbers of Adelie Penguins. A Gentoo colony nests here as well.

Adelie Penguins, Adelies, Antarctica

It was a glorious, sunny day, and I felt quite warm. With my travel friend Annie!

Adelie Penguins, Adelies, Antarctica

Adelies are beautiful with their stunning black eyes!

Adelie Penguins, Adelies, Antarctica

Where we go one, we go all. Unbelievable to watch.

Adelie Penguins, Adelies, Antarctica

So if we are going to swim, we should all swim? One or two go, but the others hang back, indecisive, looking at each other. Go? Not go?

Adelie Penguins, Adelies, Antarctica

The remains of a penguin who must have been caught by a seal. So the Adelies are right in being nervous about going in the water. But hey, they have to eat, and feed their chicks!

Adelie Penguins, Adelies, Antarctica

Maybe they will walk a little farther before swimming.

Adelie Penguins, Adelies, Antarctica

Penguins spend most of their lives at sea, and icebergs and ice floes are great resting spots.

Adelie Penguins, Adelies, Antarctica

This is a Gentoo chick. They nest very close together.

Adelie Penguins, Adelies, Antarctica

A Gentoo Penguin, always full of personality.

Adelie Penguins, Adelies, Antarctica

The Lindblad Explorer offshore.

Adelie Penguins, Adelies, Antarctica

Annie and I among the Adelies!


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  1. barbara free says:

    In looking at the pictures and reading the text, I almost feel like I am there with you. They are soooo cute !! I would want to take one or two home with me. (right). Thanks for sharing the moments.

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