Amazing Women Wednesday: Veronica Stewart James…the Gypsynester!

I share this sentiment!

I share this sentiment! (photo from

What is a gypsynester? You can learn the full answer to that question at, but basically, it was a couple’s decision to sell everything they owned after their last chick flew the nest, and hit the road. And along the road, tell their story. I’ve long enjoyed their blog, and now they have a book, called Going Gypsy! Look above this blog, and you will find a link to it at Amazon! The book tells the story of this daredevil couple, but for Amazing Women Wednesday, let’s talk about Veronica, one half of the Going Gypsy equation.

Veronica’s story is not a typical one. Going from a 16 year old who left home, to a wide eyed bride at 19 (yes, to the same guy!), and a soon-to-be-hovering helicopter mom at 21 is not the progression one normally expects. To make it even more interesting, her husband, David, was a working musician from the time they met, until they sold up and took off in an old RV. You have to admit, their marriage has beaten the odds.

They had 3 children whom they affectionately refer to as the “spawn”, and David worked on the road, playing with a band, and in Nashville as a professional musician. Veronica worked odd jobs and raised children while David toured. While they were living in Nashville, Veronica had learned quite a bit about computers, and she started helping people here and there with her knowledge. She ended up building quite a successful SEO business. In the meantime, for various reasons (you’ll have to read the book!) David decided he wanted to get out of the professional Nashville musician scene, and after searching for a while, he found employment playing in St. Croix (US Virgin Islands).  Veronica sold her business, and they moved the family to the island of St. Croix (told you they were not typical!) where David played at various clubs on the island, and Veronica worked at her children’s school as a volunteer.

1383651_10151948839749030_1377315680_nThe three Spawn grew up, and by the time the last fledgling (known as “the Boy”) flew to college, Veronica and David had that moment all future empty-nesters have: now what? They did not like what they saw on the internet….empty nest seemed to bring up maudlin people who mourned the loss of their little ones and waited around to get old and have grandchildren. They did not see this as a possible “next phase” of life. So they sold everything, and started to travel, and to try things they had never considered before. started as a way to keep friends and family informed, but has turned into an award winning blog.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is a gutsy move! The Helicopter-Mom, a self confessed hovering craft, became a gypsy, with no permanent home, traveling and experiencing life, first in the USA, and now, all over the world. They have been everywhere, trying out different cultures and ways of life, and they just keep going! Veronica has been an inspiration to many women who wanted to do something different, but were afraid to. And now, a book!

Going Gypsy has gotten great reviews!

Going Gypsy has gotten great reviews!

Going Gypsy is their story, from their youthful meeting to their current travels. It is a marvelous read…both David and Veronica take turns narrating their story, and it is never dull! I highly recommend reading it…it may give you a few ideas!

Randy and I toyed with this idea, but when he became ill, we realized that living on the road would not be possible for him. We, and I, travel as much as we can, and enjoy following the adventures of this innovative couple.

Veronica is an Amazing Woman because she didn’t follow the normal path…she didn’t want to sit still, looking at empty bedrooms, and waiting for grandchildren. Instead, she went off on an adventure with her man, and she has blazed a trail for others seeking something different during midlife! Kudos, Veronica!


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  1. I’ve followed their blog for years now! Now I’m off to get the book! Thanks Tam!
    Cheryl Nicholl recently posted…Living The Big EasyMy Profile

  2. My, my they are gutsy and I’m sure they’re having the time of their lives! How wonderful to be enjoying their lives this way. I am sure their book is fascinating!
    Cathy Chester recently posted…Holocaust Remembrance Day: Let Us Remember And Say A Prayer For PeaceMy Profile

  3. Tammy says:

    Courage comes in all colors. I’m thrilled for them as clearly they are living the life they choose. Not everyone can say that. Loved this sharing. Thanks, Tam.
    Tammy recently posted…A Very Personal Post – The Other Side of FearMy Profile

  4. Talk about making your own path through life! Something to look up to for us all.

  5. I love Veronica and am so delighted that I’ve been able to spend smidgens of time with her… twice! She’s such a positive life force, a truly amazing and inspirational woman. But so much like the rest of us mothers in what she worries about, what she cares about. Just the thought of her and David makes me smile. Their book did, even more so.
    Lisa at Grandma’s Briefs recently posted…Sponge bombs for summer funMy Profile

  6. I have been following the blog too. So many people only dream of doing what these two did, fascinating!

  7. Normal and doing what is expected is nothing I’m familiar with, yet Veronica is nothing like I am. But I applaud her risk-taking spirit and you for promo-ing her!
    Nancy Hill (@Nerthus) recently posted…Mothers and Others, the Mosaic of Women in Our LivesMy Profile

  8. I am so impressed. This takes such guts and trust. What an exciting thing to do!

  9. Oh I love this. Her story is so encouraging to me! Gives me hope for exciting things to come. 🙂 Shared htis on Twitter too!
    Stephanie Dube Dwilson recently posted…Support A Basket Full of Kittens on Indiegogo and help homeless catsMy Profile

  10. While I don’t plan to sell everything, I do plan to hit the travel road once my husband retires in 3 years. In our case we will get involved with home exchanges. Can’t wait!

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