An Amari Massage

Breezes Spa

Breezes Spa

It is Sunday, March 2nd, and no, I have not yet left for my dive trip. I have a late check out and decided to use some of my time to have a massage. Oh EM GEE. Exclamation.

Of course, the Breezes Spa is just about the farthest building from the lobby. Getting there is all uphill, but coming back all downhill. After the climb, I was more than ready for a treatment.  Since I have the tightest muscles on earth, I decided to go for Deep Tissue, called the “Invigorating Massage, to leave Chronic Tension behind”.  I could do very well with leaving my chronic tension behind!  And my masseuse, Longluk, did her best to oblige.  She realized very quickly the challenges presented to her.  ( If you are a guy, you can stop reading now. Really!)

I had a spinal fusion when I was 18, and it broke down completely after my second pregnancy. As it continued to worsen, I started gaining weight, and by the time I had my anterior and posterior spinal osteotomy at Johns Hopkins in 2000, I was barely able to walk.  The surgery was a great success, but it took a good year of recovery, and a few years later I had an unfortunate run in with MRSA, the staph infection everyone fears (and for very good reason).  I had an attempted abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) which turned into a nightmare when MRSA entered the picture.  I won’t go into great detail…it was much worse than having back surgery, or any other illness I have ever had.  It took 3 months to clear the infection and do a skin graft that took.  I am left with a lower tummy that looks like a great white shark took a bite out of me, and a bulging upper tummy (especially on the left side) which should actually be my lower tummy.  I know I need to get it fixed…it is painful, but the threat of another MRSA infection has stayed my hand.

My muscles are so tight, and Longluk was surprised.  My legs are solid muscle, so are my arms, from Pilates, and I am quite flexible thanks to yoga.  Looking at me, you wouldn’t think it, but it is true.  The weight that clings to my upper body is distressing to me, I don’t like to even look at myself in the mirror.  I have decided to ignore things like arthritis (which I’ve had for a very long time) and fibromyalgia (I decided I just don’t believe I have it), thyroid issues and my back. And of course, diabetes, which runs in my biological family like wildfire.  I keep my numbers within range with diet and exercise.  In short, I behave like an active, thinner person.  Snorkeling and diving are my salvation, I am passionate about the ocean and all of its creatures, and underwater I feel strong and pain free (the support of the water, even in a pool, creates less gravity, and floating is wonderful.)  Maybe I should live in space.  Or have an operation to get gills so I could stay underwater.  Anyway.  Add stress and 3 days of carrying dive gear, luggage, camera equipment, etc, and I’m strung like a bow.

A surprising feature on the way to the spa!

A surprising feature on the way to the spa!

She was fantastic! Very strong. I feel like I’ve been in a prizefight with Rocky Balboa. She did miracles with my neck and shoulders which are always painful.  The pain was blinding at times ( I didn’t know all of those tight muscles and things were even in my body), but now….ahhh.  A swim, a shower, and in less than 3 hours, I get picked up for my dive trip.

Life is good.


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