5 Reasons I am SO Excited to Arrive in Antarctica!

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Today is Day 3 of my Lindblad/National Geographic Expedition on the Explorer to Antarctica! After a few days in Buenos Aires, which I will post about, a day traveling to Ushiaya, Argentina (aka The end of the world), and a day at sea watching whales and seabirds, I woke this morning to snow and Fin and Humpback Whales off the bow. As we watched the whales, I saw my very first iceberg. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this extreme landscape, and humbled by its scope. Just some first impressions!

  1. Icebergs! The floating ice is absolutely beautiful.
    Antarctica, Icebergs, Penguins

    The beauty is staggering


  2. Extreme landscape!
    Antarctica, Icebergs, Penguins

    It is stark…winter is here!


  3. Chinstrap Penguins!
    Antarctica, Icebergs, Penguins



  4. Gentoo Penguins.
    Antarctica, Icebergs, Penguins

    Penguins are nesting, and this Gentoo mother is feeding her chick.


  5. Elephant Seals!
    Antarctica, Icebergs, Penguins

    A juvenile male elephant seal! You can see his little trunk starting. These guys are 12 ft if they are an inch, and they are juveniles!

    These are my first five day one incredible reasons I already love Antarctica!


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  1. Yay! You made it Tammy! I’m so happy you’re living another “like” on your bucket list. Please give the baby seals a kiss from me. They are so cute! Also, chip some ice off the good ole bergs and mix it with scotch or maybe it’s whiskey. It’s suppose to bring you good luck.


  2. Elnora Cameron says:

    Tam, your posts and pictures allow me to travel to Antarctica vicariously. I’m not sure it will make it on my “must see”
    list, so I’m glad to see your pictures and descriptions.

  3. Tom Murphy says:

    Great pics!

  4. I am beyond excited and a little jealous of this trip! I can’t wait to see more and hear all of the details! Safe travel Tam!

    • Tam Warner says:

      I had no idea when I booked it how very exciting it would be. This is a MUST. Oh Suzanne, it is the most amazing and adventurous and luxurious trip! I just came in from photographing EMPEROR penguins! I hope you are recovering nicely, and hope you’ll consider coming on my Dec 3 trip to the Baja!

  5. Your trip looks amazing! That iceberg is jaw dropping. I’m excited to see more.

  6. barbara free says:

    It all looks so amazing….good for you Tam. Did anyone else go with you, or are you doing it solo. I had a friend who did that trip a few years ago, and said it was the trip of a lifetime.
    As always, thank you for sharing your experience. So beautiful!!!

    • Tam Warner says:

      I actually met up with a woman I met in 2015 on a citizen science trip in the Yucatan! She lives in Canada so we met up in Buenos Aires, and we are here for a few more days to enjoy the city. So European! Antarctica is magical.

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