What Diving the Revillagigedos Archipelago Really Looks Like, Part One

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Diving the Revillagigedos Archipelago looks quite different from the tropical waters of the Caribbean or Indonesia. The archipelago is so remote, 250 miles south and east of Cabo San Lucas, and the islands are basically just rocks sticking up out of the ocean. I thought I would give you a look at not only the animals, but the awesome structures that exist underwater. These islands are known as Mexico’s “Galapagos” because of the large pelagic encounters which are due to the open ocean surrounding the islands, which often includes strong currents and choppy conditions. Underwater are rocky outcroppings, boulders and walls. There is not much coral as this is a cooler water destination, ranging from 71 degrees Farenheit to 80 degrees F. This destination can only be dived from a live aboard dive boat. This was my third visit, and I know I’ll go back!

This is Roca Partida, Parted Rock, an incredible dive site for big pelagics and schools of fish.
Looking up from 80 feet, you can see the waves breaking upon the sides of Roca Partida. I love looking up!
Another peek at the top!
Yellow Fin Tuna! Not a common sight, but on Roca Partida you can expect about anything.
This Green Jack is headed down the rocky wall of Roca Partida’s dive site. Strong currents can whip up quickly here.
The Crown of Thorns!
A Trumpet Fish hanging around the wall, see the lobsters in the cracks in the rock??
A school of Cottonmouth Jacks
The Giant Manta “fly bys” are absolutely hypnotic! This one is coming in from “the big blue” for some bubble time! These mantas like divers and enjoy hovering over them to feel the bubbles on their bellies!
Here I am photographing this beautiful Manta Ray.
Andrea took a couple of photos of me photographing a manta! So cool!
Taking an identification photo.
I love these gorgeous Cortez Spiny Lobsters hanging out with the baby White Tip, or Silver Tip, sharks.
A gorgeous Murex: a predatory marine mollusk, the shell of which bears spines and forms a long narrow canal extending downward from the aperture.
A cute Porcupinefish with blue eyes.
I love these Red Tail Trigger Fish, they are just so colorful and intricately marked.
One of the coolest sightings was a juvenile male Whale Shark who was circling the rocks. He was around 9 or 10 feet…small for a whale shark.
One of the best things about Roca Partida are the piles of sharks on every ledge! These White Tips don’t need to swim to breathe, so they love to sleep on top of each other! Aren’t they adorable?

Very cool Island Jack!
Anna, and Jenny our Divemaster, heading up. You cannot ascend close to the rocks or you’ll get badly injured!
Jenny and two large Yellow Fin Tuna!
Fish as far as the eye can see.



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