The Coast With The Most! Exploring The East Coast Of Australia

The Coast with the Most! Australia is one of the most beautiful places on the planet; there is so much to do, but it’s also one of the best backpacking trails in the entire world. The east coast of Australia provides so many of the key touchstones of this wonderful country, that you want to take a long time to truly get a worthwhile experience. The east coast of Australia is one of those places you can go back to again and again, but if you only plan on heading there once, you need to know some of the highlights of the east coast, the coast with the most, regardless of how you are traveling. I like to start in Sydney!

The Village Of South Durras

Starting from the south, this tiny village is a little piece of paradise. It’s a few hours south of Sydney, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of sights to behold. If you are looking for the best steak in Myrtle Beach, as well as your fair share of seafood, you can go to so many of the little cafes there, and afterward, sit back and relax with a coffee or just watch the tide come in and go out. Keep yourself fueled for a long journey up the coast!


Aside from the beautiful seafront views, there are some fantastic attractions. One of the best is NanTien Temple, an impressive Buddhist temple, also known as “southern paradise.” If you are someone who is on the lookout for an incredibly calming experience, make this part of your journey. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a place to hang with the wildlife of Australia, Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburgh has plenty of meerkats, monkeys, and Sumatran tigers. Or if you’re looking for an adventure with a dose of calmness, the Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk takes you through some of the most luscious rainforests you will ever set your eyes upon.


Is there anything you cannot do in this cultural hub?! Sydney gives you the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world by foot, boat, or even by air! If you want to get a true perspective of the grandiosity of Sydney, you need to climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge or venture to the top of the Sydney Tower Eye. For those that are looking for something a bit closer to the ground, the Sydney & Bondi: Big Bus Open-top Hop-on Hop-off Tour is a perfect, slow, and insightful way to experience Sydney.

Port Macquarie

Venture further up the coast, and stop in this region that, while it doesn’t get the same exposure as it’s more luscious counterparts, it’s certainly a great place to stop and recalibrate your senses before you head off again. But that’s not to say it’s a slouch when it comes to activities! Apart from The Coastal Walk you can head to the Billabong Koala Wildlife Park and meet a baby koala. If you want to be a bit more tranquil you might want to head to Lady Nelson Wharf; and while it’s a popular fishing spot, nobody is sat talking to each other. Just get a space on the pier, and immerse yourself in your thoughts. On the other hand, if you are looking for food, The Beach House takes pride of place on the waterfront, has great food and plenty of beer for the thirsty among you! And if you want to challenge your brain a little bit on this stopover, The Bago Maze isn’t just a way to pickle your brain, but you can get pickled as well! It’s so close to a winery, that you may feel you deserve a glass or two after finding your way out of 10,000 square meters of hedge!

Coffs Harbour

Last, but certainly not least, this stopover between Sydney and Brisbane has beauty in abundance. It’s certainly a fitting end to your journey up the coast with the most, by venturing through Macauleys Headland Walk at Diggers Beach, or Muttonbird Island you can get your piece of peace and quiet. If you want something a bit more sedate, Sawtell, a little town 15-minutes south has plenty of restaurants and shops serving the finest foods and coffees. And with the friendly locals, you have the best of everything that Australia has to offer in one neat little package!

Bronte Beach by
Will O.

The east coast of Australia is the coast with the most, not just beaches and sunny walks, but it’s a combination of history, wildlife, and plenty of relaxing cubby holes that you can easily nestle yourself into. As far as traveling up the east coast is concerned, you can spend your entire life seeking out little pockets of wonderment, but sit back and relax, and just let the sun shine down on you, after all it is the coast with the most!

Trees for the Seas

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