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Enjoying my Fantastic Summer Break in Maine while Traveling to a Family Wedding!

Beautiful view of Boothbay from the Footbridge!

I thoroughly enjoyed my summer break in Maine! My lovely niece, Tay, planned her wedding for high season in Boothbay Harbor. My daughter was her “Matron of Honor” (do we really use the word “matron” anymore?) so it was fun to travel with Alexandra and her husband, Mike, and my grandboy, 7 months old! While I was traveling for personal reasons, I just had to take a little extra time and check out the area, right? I also met up with old friends. I love meeting up with old friends and finding out it is as though no time has passed! What could be better? Old friends are a true gift.

Picturesque Boothbay was just outside my window!

I met my daughter and her family in Portland, and the airport is so small that we arrived on different airlines only 2 gates apart. I don’t often see small airports like Porland’s JetPort, but I loved the experience. How wonderful to be able to pick up your rental car right in the airport! I almost forgot what that is like. We drove to Boothbay and stayed at a small inn in the middle of the Harbor. While the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn was lacking in updated facilities, it was clean and in the heart of Boothbay. The food was good too! My summer break in Maine was just beginning.

How can these girls be old enough to get married when I don’t feel any older than I did when they were toddlers?
Cabbage Island was the perfect place for the rehearsal dinner. LOBSTER BAKE!

Boothbay is a darling little town on the harbor, with shops galore! My favorite was Life is Good, they had some of the cutest tees and baby outfits ever. Now that I have two grandchildren who are still babies, I love to buy things for them even though typically I am not a shopper. For my babies, I go crazy! I bought the cutest pajamas for both of them with “don’t moose with me” printed on their bottoms. Cute!

The wedding gave me the perfect excuse to visit friends whom I hadn’t seen in several years. Our friends Tony and Suzanne were our dive masters in Cozumel for many years, and they taught our children, and our children’s friends, how to dive. They both live in Maine now, and unbelievably enough, Tony and his daughter were staying at the same inn where the wedding reception took place! How coincidental is that? Maybe not coincidental at all, just a cosmic opportunity to catch up. Tony’s children are grown, and mine are grown with families, so a lot of time has passed, but it felt like we had seen each other just a few days before. Friendships like that are of very high value in this crazy world, don’t you think?

Old friends and new friends!
With my sugar bear.

Cabbage Island in Maine

The rehearsal dinner was at Cabbage Island, the place where everyone goes for an awesome lobster and clam bake. Boarding the Bennie Alice, we headed out for the island, and took in the sites along the way. The gardens and roadsides are just full of flowers! The climate is perfect for azaleas, they were fully flowered everywhere we went. The clambakes on Cabbage island began in the late 1800s, and though the island has changed hands a few times, it is still providing locals and visitors with an incredible Downeast clam and lobster bake. If you are in the area, make it a point to visit Cabbage Island for this wonderful treat.

All aboard the Bennie Alice for the rehearsal dinner!
I love boats!
Seanie’s first boat ride!
Cabbage Island is the perfect place for a summer break in Maine.
We left Cabbage Island at sunset. Gorgeous!

The next morning found my son in law Mike and my grandboy Sean having breakfast with me, Tony and his “Brady Bunch”! What a mixed and joyous group. As I said, touching base with old friends is always meaningful. I know we’ll see each other again. I’m tempted to have another summer break in Maine.

The chapel at Ocean Point
A lovely wedding in a gorgeous location.

Ocean Point

The wedding took place on Ocean Point, a beautiful area with a scenic drive near Boothbay. There is a small chapel with a lot of history….and no parking. My poor son-in-law had to go park the car while I took the baby into the chapel to meet up with family. My niece looked so beautiful, I wanted to cry! An empty nest indeed, my daughter, son, and niece are now feathering their own nests. It was lovely to see the girls standing together as they stood at my daughter’s wedding. I believe that connection will remain throughout their lives, and I could not be happier about that fact. Family is so important.

Instagram fun!
The reception was gorgeous, and so is my daughter and her family!
With Randy’s cousins!

Oceanside Resort

The reception was at the Oceanside Resort, and it was a beautiful evening with a strong breeze off the ocean. We took several photos with my sugar bear, Sean. What was for dinner? Lobster of course, followed by dancing! A perfect evening for my lovely niece and her husband, Marco. I know they will be happy after such a glorious send off!

Robinson’s Wharf in Southport is surrounded by lovely scenery!
Serious baby love with my son-in-law’s family

The day after the wedding we headed over to Robinson’s Wharf to meet some of Mike’s family. Robinson’s Wharf is in Southport, Maine, and as picturesque as you can imagine. Everywhere we went it looked as though a team of gardeners had made everything perfect before our arrival! That’s not the case, but if you haven’t been to Maine, go! It is so beautiful, quaint, and peaceful. And everyone is eating lobster, my favorite meal! Mike’s cousin had a baby just two weeks after Sean was born, so we had fun introducing the babies. And don’t miss Robinson’s Wharf when you are in Maine, they have live music and what a view! Just perfect.

The Old Port, Portland, ME
This old restaurant is on the wharf, and is actually on a boat.
Every restaurant I went to in Maine had compostable straws! They are doing their part!
My hotel view in Portland was lovely! Holiday Inn by the Bay!


I spent an extra day in Portland, exploring the Old Port and venturing out to Crescent Beach at Cape Elizabeth. I have to confess I fell in love with the area. I wish my summer break in Maine had been much longer. It was so relaxing after the hustle and bustle of Dallas, Texas. It is a much smaller city, old, established, and beautiful. You cannot beat being on the water, either. I enjoyed strolling around the Old Port of Portland, a historical area on the wharf, quaint with incredible restaurants and shops. The weather was absolutely perfect, the high in the Farenheit 70’s. What a break from the heat! Forever, Portland will bring to mind the sound of gulls overhead.

Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach State Park is a heavily wooded area right on the beach near Cape Elizabeth. One parks and then strolls out to the beach area, which was full of sunbathers, children, and birds. I had a nice long walk, breathing in the salty air. I loved my alone time on the beach, watching the waves roll in. I tried to take in a famous lobster place nearby, but it was so crowded and I had claustrophobia just trying to park. I ended up having lunch at Inn by the Sea, a beautiful and relaxing inn with a fabulous restaurant with a view.

My favorite thing about Portland was meeting up for brunch with my Cozumel friend, Suzanne. It has been at least a decade, yet we picked up right where we left off. One of the benefits of the empty nest, and getting older, is the comfort of friends you’ve met along your journey. It doesn’t really matter how long it has been since you’ve seen them, or how far away they’ve moved, that friendship is still intact. I love that.

My trip to Maine was far too short! Next time, I’ll be on the lookout for moose! Have you been to Maine? I’d love to hear about it!

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