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Over 50 Travel Groups can have Outstanding Experiences on an Antarctica Expedition!

Over 50 Travel Groups can have outstanding experiences on an Antarctica Expedition, and I should know, because I have been on one! I traveled with a friend to Antarctica in 2017 on Lindblad’s Explorer, Antarctica: The White Continent, and we were both over 50.

Age is no barrier, my friends!
My first step on Antarctica brought thousands of penguins!
Annie and I loved every single moment of the cruise! Antarctica was the most amazing trip I have ever taken (other than diving, of course!) and I would love to go back. I do need to check out the Arctic first, though.

I never expected to fall in love with Antarctica. A cold, barren wasteland, freezing and forever gray, or so I thought. No, no, no. It is beautiful, filled with incredible creatures, stunning icebergs, and awe inspiring landscapes. Unbelievable vistas. I never imagined the scope of it…or the absolute cuteness of penguins. My travel buddy, Annie, says you can overdose on cuteness, and that is the truth when it comes to penguins! Age was no barrier, there were over 50 travel groups and couples on board, in fact, the majority were over over 60! Traveling on Lindblad NatGeo Expeditions was an exciting experience. The knowledge the experts shared with us was valued by our over 50 travel group. Come along and take a look as we crossed the Drake Passage and the Antarctic Convergence. This body of water is where the Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern seas converge. The currents are extremely strong in this area, and the passage (named after Sir Francis Drake!) can be one of the roughest crossings on the planet.

The bow of the Lindblad Explorer.
The dark blue signifies glacial ice.

Icebergs are a jaw dropping sight.
The icebergs were absolutely beautiful. Here we were on a zodiac, looking at icebergs and wildlife.

After a surprisingly calm night and morning through the Drake Passage, we were able to step on the Antarctic peninsula. We went ashore and met our first penguins, a Gentoo colony and a Chinstrap colony, which was enormously exciting. We also had an opportunity to see Elephant Seals lying around the beach! They were young adults, or teens, and had no interest in the penguins jumping on and around them. They only kill the penguins in the water. These enormous creatures were incredible to see up close. Our over 50 travel groups had no problem with the landing. A great hike also overlooked the bay. We rode on a zodiac through the icebergs, which was exhilarating.

Danco Bay was one of the most beautiful bays I have ever seen. The glassy water, the blue sky, and the crisp air were awesome in the true sense of the word.
Gentoo Penguins are adorable with their chicks.
We met the Chinstrap the very first day we stepped onto Antarctica.
A juvenile male elephant seal! You can see his little trunk starting. These guys are 12 ft if they are an inch, and they are juveniles!
Queen of the Chinstraps

This Chinstrap was very friendly and stayed with this lady for quite a while! It just walked right up to her.

Every day was a different adventure. Our landing at Neko was on the mainland of the Antarctic Continent. I found myself hoping that at 80 I could also take an adventurous trip. I have such admiration for the folks on the trip, there were very few people who didn’t partake in the activities of the day. Each day brought unique and exciting new experiences, and I absolutely want to share the magic! I kept a blogging journal of the trip, day by day, so please take a look at the category Antarctica. Just click this link: .

So cute!!! A Gentoo Penguin!
Seeing a Minke Whale so close in a Zodiac is thrilling!
Taking the Polar Plunge! Almost all were over 50!
Observing Killer Whales in the wild was one the most exciting things I’ve ever done.
A Humpback Whale Throat in Antarctica!
Leopard Seals are HUGE. It was so cool to see them sleeping on ice floes while we kayaked!
One for all and all for one! Adelie penguins are the cutest of all!
Seeing Emperor Penguins is very unusual so we were super lucky!
Getting photos of Emperor Penguins was such a thrill.
Checking to be sure the ice was safe.
We loved hiking on the ice even though we were all over 50

So, whoever you are and no matter how old you are, there are plenty of travel opportunities for over 50 travel groups and older! Over 50, empty nesters, seniors….whatever you call yourself, if you are fairly healthy, there are many adventures out there for you to participate in! What’s holding you back? Have you taken trips like this?

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