The Pain-Free Way To Combine Travel With Work! Every year, thousands of people travel for work. The life of traveling for work is one that a lot of people covet. The idea of jetting off and exploring the world while earning money seems too good to be true. But making it work can be a challenge.

After a while, you get sick and tired of eating airport croissants and want real food. The continually shifting time zones can also take their toll.

Traveling for work can be a challenge, but you can do it successfully. 

You can, if you want, have great travel adventures while making money at the same time – it’s just a question of knowing how. Let’s take a look. 

Pack Wrinkle-Free Clothes

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Anybody traveling for work immediately runs into the problem of ironing. The moment you stuff a suit or shirt into your bag, it starts creasing up, making it look like an unsightly mess by the time you reach your destination. It’s not what you want at all. 
Many traveling pros, therefore, only pack wrinkle-free clothes – that is, clothes specifically designed by manufacturers not to crease. Finding these rare unicorns can be a challenge, but if you can prep your travel-ready garments in advance, you can avoid this common pitfall of business travel. 

Prep Your Home Address For Business Correspondence

If you travel around the country as a sole trader or independent business, then you need to prep your business premises before you leave. But what does that mean for people who work from home? 
Ideally, you want your prospective customers and people associated with your business to be able to mail to an official work address while you’re away. You don’t want them knowing your home address for security reasons, especially if you’re traveling around the country. It’s vital, therefore, to use a mailing address for traveling sales. This location serves as a conduit for all your physical mail – and your business cards – keeping your personal property safe while you move around. 

Entertain Your Clients In Style

Many people who travel for work have to entertain their clients once they reach a destination. But knowing where to take them can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know the area. 

The app OpenTable can help enormously. First, it lets you reserve seating if you want to take clients out to dinner, avoiding any disappointment of waiting in a queue. And second, it lets you look at reviews for restaurants in your target area, allowing you to find one that’s got the right atmosphere and is popular with the locals. 
You can also do a little reconnaissance yourself if you don’t want to rely on apps by asking local people who are knowledgeable in their area. 

Book Last-Minute, But Only If You’re Not Client-Facing

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Some people who travel for work aren’t client-facing. That is, there isn’t somebody at the other end of their connection waiting for them to show up. Booking last-minute for people who don’t need to be in a specific place at a particular time can be a blessing because it saves money and cuts down on travel costs. Don’t do it otherwise, though!

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