Do You Want to See Amazing Photos of Underwater Life in Myanmar?

Amazing Underwater Life in Myanmar! In 2014 I traveled solo to dive the Mergui Archipelago, part of which is in Myanmar. For more on that adventure, check me out on Scubaverse at There were some weather conditions that interupted the diving, but wherever one dives, there is always excitement and the thrill of discovery. I am currently planning another trip with The Smiling Seahorse on their brand new boat! Just waiting until coronavirus has a vaccine or when it is safe to travel. Here are photos of some of the amazing underwater life in Myanmar!

An anemone crab
A gorgeous Pipehorse from The Smiling Seahorse, a beautiful liveaboard in the Mergui Archipelago!
Beautiful Bearded Scorpionfish, check out those eyes!
See the Blue Star in the urchin?
I am completely fascinated by featherstars
A glorious red Red Colony of Feather Stars
I’m always looking!
My dive master, Jurgen, took this incredible photo of a small blue eyed Scorpionfish
These are Cuttle Fish. You know the white cuttle boards domestic birds nibble on? This is where they get it.
How many legs does this cucumber have????
An incredible photo of a Peacock Mantis Shrimp from The Smiling Seahorse!
A Fimbriated Moray Eel
Cool Decorator Crab in a cave. It blends so perfectly, I only saw it when it moved.
My first Stonefish
Tree Coral
Leaf Fish
Cuttle fish eggs…see the little babies??
Baby Boxfish…about the size of your Thumbnail.
I love seeing Lion Fish in the Indo-Pacific!
A cute photo of a Fimbriated Eel!
A very cool crab, taken by my divemaster!
Big Red Octopus!

Just looking at the amazing underwater life of the Mergui Archipelago makes me want to return! The Smiling Seahorse, I’ll see you soon!

The beautiful Smiling Seahorse in the Mergui Archipelago!

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