7 Productive Ways to Cope with Social Distancing

by Melissa Page

7 Productive Ways to Cope with Social Distancing and Related Changes

Good manners tell people to respect and maintain personal boundaries. The current pandemic puts an emphasis on the physical distance of at least six feet when interacting with others. Social distancing also means avoiding places that attract crowds or limiting the time and frequency of being in these places.

However, restrictions on social distancing are easing in some parts of the world. This research favors strategic distancing or strategies to reduce contact instead of lock down or self-isolation policies to flatten the curve. As it is, the quarantine, isolation, and social distancing of the past weeks have made people feel anger, boredom, frustration, uncertainty, and more.

Against this backdrop, look into ways to deal with social-distancing rules and related changes in general and channel your energy into something worthwhile.

Stay Connected with Friends and Family

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With people forced to stay indoors, messages and video chats have become the foremost tools of communication in virtually all settings. Even when you regain a bit of your old life, get used to keeping in touch with your pals this way. Make your presence a constant reassurance in their lives, vice versa. This is a Productive Way to Cope with Social Distancing and Related Changes.

Pick Up Hobbies

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Keeping yourself busy is one of the most effective ways to distract yourself from mundane thoughts. If you ever feel that you have so much time in your hands, look around for something enjoyable to do. Learn to crochet, sketch, play an instrument, code, write songs, and more.

The internet is a gold mine of tutorials for fun solitary pursuits. Take a hint from the growing number of people who post about their gardens and plants.

Study Business

Consider getting into business, and spend time studying its basics. COVID-19 has exposed the insecurity of employment and the vulnerability of some jobs. Back in March, the International Labor Organization initially estimated a significant rise in unemployment between 5.3 million and 24.7 million. Even if you have a job to go back to, having an additional income stream from owning a business is a viable fall-back plan.


Engage in an Actual Business

Apply what you’ve learned to start an online business. Selling things online requires no special equipment or additional personnel, so it’s pretty easy to do and it meets the social-distancing rule. Whether you offer plants, photos, or used clothes in your shop, master how to sell and market your products. Also, be wise with your capital, and keep your costs of operation within your budget. You can check these plans to start a business.

Update Your Résumé

What online courses did you take up and finish the past few months? Make sure you have included these in your résumé. Whether you are a job seeker or actively employed, be ready for opportunities that come knocking anytime. If there’s one tip about modern résumé writing that you need to know, it is to make your résumé friendly to the robots. You may also have to prepare to be interviewed by one.

Clean Your Home (and Keep It That Way)

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Cleaning is therapeutic; it makes you feel less stressed and anxious. How do you maintain the cleanliness of your home?

  • Plot a workable schedule for cleaning the closet, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms.
  • Label everything. Use markers, sticky notes, and washi tapes to label jars, bins, and boxes.
  • Fold clothes like they do in your favorite store. Organize by color or type.
  • List the contents of your pantry to avoid food waste and overshopping. Write them down on a whiteboard so it’s easy to update.
  • Disinfect your home. Create your disinfectant using this formula from the CDC.

Stick to a Routine

Your daily life may have been dramatically altered by the pandemic. And establishing a routine and sticking to it helps you deal with the disruption affecting your mind and body. Having a daily timetable for exercise, work, hobby/business, study, and chatting with people adds structure, for one. The routine also gives you more control over time, as you know best when you are most productive. When you know you have something to do, it makes you feel less uncertain.

Do Nothing

Things can get overwhelming. Be kind to yourself for not being as productive as others have been with their passion projects or progress in online courses. Everyone reacts differently to a crisis that has turned life upside down. Relax. Think and deal with what’s happening the best way you can.

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